5 rules of behavior in school

Under any circumstances the child should first know about that room during class to leave. In order to get out, a student must first obtain the permission of the class teacher and, only then, get out of class. In advance to explain his Chad that his teacher is a man should always obey. Then the student will know that the school has its own discipline and rules of conduct that must be followed.

School pupil is obliged to come in advance, even before the start of classes. The best time to become a parish for 10-15 minutes before the start of lessons. Thus, the discipline will not be violated and tardiness to school will be minimized. The basis for successful learning and high academic achievement to become good behavior at school.

Therefore, the task of parents is also to discuss with the teacher all the necessary requirements that will be charged to the child before starting the educational process. An important task in front of the teacher and parents appears worthwhile explanation , of which it is not worth to miss school and why walking lessons can continue to be a serious problem.

The child must first understand that school is an institution in which children go for knowledge and, skipping even one lesson the young learner will lag behind their peers and do not have time to go for the school program. Basic 5 rules of conduct in the school can help your child get together and begin to explore new subjects.

The moment that you want to be sure, even initially, discuss with your child is the relation between him and the other children, old people. Student should know that you must yield to the girls and the girls, as well as that the boys should not insult the girls that you can not fight with other students.

You cannot also make loud games, even during changes. Because while moving and noisy games may occur collisions, guys can hitting or fall. Because the school an advantage you need to give the games aimed at the development of mental abilities, logical thinking, creativity and social skills.

rules of behavior in school

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