allergy to alcohol symptoms vomiting

allergy to alcohol symptoms vomiting – Alcohol , even in small doses adversely affects the human body , not to mention the fact that it is used in large quantities. Very often, many people after drinking the first glass or a glass of red wine allergy acts on the body. Typically, allergic alcohol occurs as a result of ingestion of degree beverage containing artificial colorants.

The first signs of allergy : red spots on the body , or in the neck , chest , itching , acne , and even loss of consciousness. According to physicians, is essentially no reaction to alcohol , and preservatives, dyes and other chemical substances that improve taste, but adversely affect the organism . For example : in some varieties of mulled wine or liquor used almonds, which can also cause a severe allergic reaction . In the cheap varieties of wine grapes are very rarely used , as a rule , it is chemicals , powder, and if applicable grapes , it may contain a large amount of pesticides . Allergies can also occur on the beer after a long consumption of this beverage. Thus, in developing organism resulting from sensitivity to gluten certain barley , it comprises a protective response . Some allergy manifests itself true for ethyl alcohol, which is the basis of all alcoholic beverages .

Each person has an allergy manifested individually. Who – there is a little itchy , which disappears within hours , and in some people – a big rash all over the body and face , instantly increases blood pressure, asthma attacks begin , and even suffocation. Allergic to alcohol can be very debilitating and cause a person to even anaphylactic shock. That’s why fool around with such symptoms should not . If your body includes a red light on alcohol, mean well worth pondering. It is an opportunity once and for all to give up alcohol to get rid of a bad habit .

Some people are hard to completely give up alcohol forever . Indeed, in our life many holidays , occasions when we have to raise a glass of champagne or a glass of vodka . This birthday , New Year’s , the birth of a son or daughter , anniversary best friend or girlfriend . In this case, you must install the deeper cause of the allergy . For example , it could be not the drink itself , and the dose of its use . If the reason for a drink , then you will not have more choice as completely abstain from alcohol.

Recommended at the first signs of an allergic reaction, rinse well with cold water and the stomach immediately take antihistamine . If symptoms are more severe, then an urgent need to call an ambulance. Thus, allergy to alcohol – it is a serious occasion to reflect and abandon the product. Because no nutrients does not contain alcohol . Especially when it comes to cheap drinks. If you want to drink a good glass of wine, then pay attention to the price. Good wine or champagne are not cheap . However , the taste will be much nicer and softer than the cheap wine . In any case, so much risk with your health is not worth it. Take care of yourself from the harmful effects of alcohol.

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