An introduction of incentive spirometer

There are many medical devices that are used to improve the quality of life. In this article, I will present a type of them.

1. What is the incentive spirometer?

A spirometer is a device used by a patient in a hospital. This medical device is small, portable and easy to use. It has a nozzle, attached to a piece of six- or eight-inch tube. When breathing takes place, rises a piston, which may indicate the volume of inhaled air. In addition, more incentive spirometers have an indicator coach, which is a small ball that moves during inhalation, to indicate whether the inhalation is slow.

2. What are the advantages of the device?

The device can benefit patients much. On the one hand, it helps in the detection of breathing problems that may occur after surgery or in conjunction with pulmonary blood clots. The device is essential for patients who are suffering from a clot, since these patients can not breathe on their own completely. On the other hand, patients who cannot be moved after the surgery, so it’s difficult to keep your lungs healthy and clear. With spirometry, the problem can be released to a certain extent, the corresponding reduction of the risks of breathing problems. Moreover, the device allows a person to exercise his lung, which helps patients to take slow deep breaths and provides them with more oxygen. The ability of the patient can increase breathing and allows them to breathe easily. In this case, the nurses and the patients can see the good that the medication is working.

3. how to use it?

You should be sure that you will feel in a vertical position, with the back as straight as possible before using the device. Then put your lips around the mouthpiece of the device. It is very important to make sure that your lips are sealed around the mouthpiece well, because only in this way can the device indicates precisely the situation of his lung. Then pick up more slowly and hold your breath for at least five seconds before exhaling. Longer hold breath, better will be the result. When you find that you can not take the breath anymore, it is time to exhale. Take a break after the previous process and repeated according to the order of your doctor. This exercise should be done several times a day when he is awake, which is beneficial to the lung.

Now you have some basic knowledge about this device. Look for more information to help you use a properly.
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