Are you selling your home? Keep this in mind

There are thousands of individuals who commit themselves to selling properties to live. These individuals are known as real estate. Most of the agents of real estate work for an existing agency; However, there are many agents who work on their own. Either because you have a business particular of real estate or because you work for an existing company, there are a number of benefits that entails hiring a Realtor estate online.Are you selling your home? Keep this in mind

The realtors roots are trained professionals that many individuals come when they need help to sell your existing home or to buy a new one. A large amount of trust is required to be able to conduct business with a Realtor estate. Buyers or sellers newbies want to be completely assured that you are doing good business with an individual who is working in your best interest. Since it is difficult to develop a sense of trust with an individual who is hardly known, agents websites can be something that will help us.

A website of a Realtor estate is guarantee that a real estate agent is legitimate or that offer the best service; However, as it may help. A website of a Realtor real estate you can give you a measurable approach to personal life and professional training that an agent whose roots may have. On these sites you can have information about the main questions. These questions may include your age, your location, if they have children, their relationship with the community, where went to school or any relevant professional training which might have.

Procedures I do to sell a home?

The first thing is to check the legal status of the housing and if all documentation is updated. To do so, should review and check the ownership in public records. The next thing to do is going to the municipality and review information sheet summary (HR), urban (PU), the name of the owner’s property and that the address information of the property (naming and numbering) that records the game is the same contained in the commune. Differences exist, it must initiate procedures to correct them. The important thing is to have all documentation in rule or designed before the supply of the property to the market.

What expenses does sell a home?

Depending on legal loopholes that has the ownership of housing, we must process documents that are missing and there prices are different. For example, for the real estate registration certificate (CRI) pay S /. 61. Also one must pay property tax for the current year and request the certificate of no municipal debts. The owner person to 1 January of each year is the forced to pay the full tax while sell it on January 2.

In the case of the taxes?

These are assumed by the owner seller up to the month of sale made. The following month corresponds to the new owner. You must also keep up to date in the payment of services and request cancellation of the cable, Internet or phone.

What tribute is paid after the sale?

The tribute is related to capital gains, between the purchase price and subsequent selling price. This tax appears in our legislation from 2004. It is quite variable and is given in accordance with the form and the date that was acquired the property, condition, the place of residence of the owner, time that has, among others.
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