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In humans the lungs is a paired organ, the main function of which is to maintain the plasma state of the acid-alkaline balance. This process occurs due to the allocation of surplus substances of organic and inorganic nature, toxic compounds, as well as the end product of nitrogen metabolism.

Every year the number of people who need a kidney transplant. In the United States is the number for the year reaches 25 thousand operations. The transplant operation is worth a couple of tens of thousands of dollars. The high price of human kidney leads to desire to become donors, those people in the short-term requires a large amount of money and inflating the cost of someone who has direct access to the kidney in surgical operations.

In our country, 8 thousands people need a kidney transplant. Many have to wait for a transplant operation more than one year. officially banned trading of internal organs, including the kidneys. This process entails criminal liability under the Criminal Code. The legislation allowed the voluntary donation of organs.

cost the kidneys can be from 10 to 100 thousand dollars. The Government does not control the prices of human organs. Contribute to the generally accepted ethical and moral considerations. Absurdity is profiting at the expense of other people’s misfortune.

The operation of kidney transplantation on average costs about 20 thousand dollars. This amount is called the many patients who have undergone this surgery experience.

A person can live with one kidney. To do this, you need to have a healthy body to the operations and support it using the drug after it. Bad ecology, the psychological load and daily work particularly affect health person living with one kidney.

How much does a bud. Buying kidneys, her sale in civilized countries criminally punishable. In the United States for such actions, How much does a bud man? The question is very interesting. Answer it unequivocally is unlikely to work, because it depends on a number of factors, Today, in the aftermath of the global crisis, new momentum is beginning to gain a business associated with the sale of human organs. Today, people who have terminal illnesses that require the transplantation of organs, I can buy on the black market to any human authority.