Bank credit and installment What’s the difference

Very often many stores offer to buy their goods on credit, and installment. Outwardly, it seems that this “is not the same, what to buy on credit.” What is the difference and whether it?
In short, the proposed retail installment is of two types. The first – “advertising trick” – in fact this term hides ordinary bank loans for the purchase of goods in shops – everything as before. Extremely rare second type – the sale of goods with delayed payment schedule.

What’s sad – if we look for in the search engines available upon request such as “buy goods in installments,” no one scruple to display ads on these phrases, and even use them in the titles of their ads. And in fact, when the transition to the relevant sites – it is proposed to issue goods on credit from the bank partner.

A cursory study of the top promotional offers to issue a loan for any goods products shows that absolutely all these “advertisers” (even the big national chains selling household appliances and electronics), the term “installments” actually found the proposal to issue the contract through a bank partner.

Interest-free loan variation is found most often in companies selling cars, although there RETAIL been found only in the “Corporation Center”.

Legal and Tax Issues

To begin with, that in the “pure form” of the term in legislation is not – it’s everyday (even more – advertising) definition. If we talk about the legal side of the issue, the postponement – a transaction (in terms of the Civil Code) with special conditions of payment. That is the product or service provided immediately and in full, and payment – not once, but separate payments, separated in time.

Yes, the whole business works well, and there is not nobody uses the aforementioned term. There is an agreement – legally significant document, which defines the terms of payment of delivery of goods or services. Payment schedule – the essence is the very narrow-minded “installments” – a separate application is made to the document, or stipulated in the text of the contract for delivery / services.

Speaking in relation to purchases made by citizens, the main risk of “what if the money does not pay” is the seller – is it necessary to guarantee a flow of money from the citizen. And the only way to do this – is to make a normal (legally) a contract of sale, which will be spelled out the buyer’s obligation to pay a certain amount on a certain schedule.

For the buyer who signs a document – in general, there are no special risks. The most important thing – to carefully read the terms of the agreement in terms of “customer commitment” not to take on the extra responsibility.

The most important thing that must be provided in such contracts – financial relationships in the case of returning the goods (for example, when you went through the fault of the manufacturer defective goods, exchange or repair that is not possible to provide – and the only way – is to return the goods and money). General rules and even more so – legal requirements – in this matter. Here everything is at your discretion.

And the second point. Composed thus the sales contract with deferred payment schedule is regulated only by the Civil Code and all. If you then “would be” the seller “you signed the” on “special obligations” under the contract, to protect can only be in court. This is the main difference from buying on credit – there you conclude with respect to a standard contract with the bank, and for this area of ​​financial relations very closely monitor the supervisory authority in the face of the Bank, as a result of “tricks” in this sector from year to year is becoming less and less .

What is the fundamental difference

The main difference from the loan installments, as described above, it is a legal arrangement – or will it be a contract of sale with the firm-seller and the payment schedule, or it will be a contract with the bank.

As for financial gain – that we should not think that even in the case of installment with the prefix “without overpayment”, you will save on interest earned. Not at all! Typically, in this case, all the prices in the store are listed with the caveat “if paid in full in cash – 40% discount.” Accordingly, in other cases discount is not available. Here you have a hidden interest: pay cash immediately – buy goods cheaper suspended- pay more.

Another thing is that if banks with January 1, 2015 have to focus on the maximum rate on the loan, interest rates on consumer loans in the shops “regulated” by the state.

As for the “clean” installments in the stores, the discount rate – the essence of your overpayment – nobody is regulated – as he wants, and so do shop.

So it is not the fact that buying is cheaper. Loan bank owes you calculate the total cost of the service – the percentage of overpayments that you had the opportunity to compare different offers of different banks. In case of postponement of the seller does not owe you anything count – have to calculate the degree of profitability.

In the case of loan processing information on your ability to pay will come to BCH. In other cases – no. If you perform good terms – it would be nice to know about it through the banks credit bureaus – in the future when you make a loan that reputation will be very helpful. But there is also the opposite thing – if you have, for whatever reasons, have problems with payments – banks about such “flaws” do not know.

Services in stores

Offered in stores network Eldorado installment without a down payment and without overpayments – this campaign, which does not apply to all products online, but only to specified categories – a full list can be found on the website. In stores products involved in the action are marked with a special “name plate”.

The only store that provides a service for direct and without intermediaries – on his behalf – a network of shops of home appliances “Corporation Centre”. Buy can not only goods, but also related services (delivery, installation, configuration and installation of purchased equipment).

For the registration of the contract requires only a passport. Terms of installments are made individually. Total store offers three programs: 4, 10 and 16 months.

missing. Features unique suggestions are very simple – if you buy for cash you are given the maximum discount on goods. Depending on the program you will be given its own discount. That is, you simply pay more than the purchase for cash. Why not overpaid interest.

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