Benefits of sex education for children

Benefits of sex education for children

Many people are still questions whether sex education for children is suitable or if it is better not explain anything and to be discovered it themselves.
Today, no one can deny living in a very eroticized world. There are clearly evident or subliminal sexual messages in all media, on radio and television, Internet, cinema, magazines and music. Sex is used to sell everything from perfume to cars.
Children are not oblivious to all these messages who hear, see and interpret in their own way, with their still limited knowledge of life and its innocence.
However, children do not receive too much useful information and quality, thus generating confusion and fear regarding their sexuality.

Building your own sexual identity

Human sexuality starts already with the touching at birth, when babies are cherished. This is a necessary and natural process that occurs in all mammals. It is necessary to recognize the child as a being sexed, so build in the most natural way possible their own sexual identity.

Sex education for children starts at home

As children learn about their sexuality from the day coming to the world, within the family and in the same household, it is the best place to learn it.
We must help children to live their sexuality in a positive light. Thus, they will be gaining the confidence to ask more questions in the future.
Understand their own sexuality, help children to manage their emotions and relationships with friends and colleagues. With the appropriate information, you can direct their lives and have all kinds of relationships, as well as protect them from sexual abuse.
Information about sexuality is never too much and does not facilitate the promiscuity. Young people can make better decisions about sex if they have adequate training and information, and if there are no taboo subjects to talk about at home.
Child sexuality is as important as food, protection and care, and love. It is never too late to address this issue, the important thing is to have an open attitude and availability when questions arise.
They are adults, and especially parents, who have to carry so much information filter. It is necessary to create and maintain an open channel of communication with the children, talks about what is correct and what not, in all subjects, and especially with regard to sexuality. It is advisable to closely monitored environment, friendships and the activities of the child, to be able to give advice when necessary.

Answer your questions with naturalness and according to their age

It is between 3 and 6 years old, when children begin their training and development and is at this time when many questions arise, and sexual concerns obviously, are at the top. Do not censor or punish, because feelings of guilt and rejection would lead to your intimate life.
Although it is difficult in practice, parents should not shock the first erotic manifestations that children experience.
According to Osho, one of the most important thinkers of India, in his work: “The book of the child”, when a baby is born, touching the body is way more natural and spontaneous own recognition; narcissistic in which deeply loves her body starts a period.

Tips for parents

Educating the children on values being a good example.
Promote self-esteem, avoiding criticism and punishment.
Ensure that everything that happens is part of its development and is quite normal, as normal is the difference.
Use correct and scientific names for the sexual organs and sexual practices.
Respect the privacy of adolescents and young people.
Give short, simple, and above all honest answers.
Ask the children what they think and what they know.
It is important to know what you want to say in terms of feelings and values, before starting to speak.


A good sexual education for children is important for your personal balance.
Although parenting is not easy to talk about sex sexuality should not be a taboo subject because part essential of life. Children have a spontaneous interest in their own sexuality, and deserve clear and honest explanations.
Why sex education is vital in the formation of the people and should be treated with knowledge, maturity and maximum naturalness.
The most important lesson we can teach children is: normal makes a difference, and this is essential to obtain the best benefits of sex education for children

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