Bermuda triangle is located in the Western North Atlantic Ocean

The Bermuda triangle or Devil’s triangle is located in the Western North Atlantic, a vast area including Florida Bay, the United States and the Bahamas and Caribbean, where several planes and boats in this place. The Bermuda triangle is one of the busiest shipping routes in the world. Commercial or private flights also dense in the sky.

And this usually shows a sudden storm. From summer to late autumn is also often a GAL. Along with noise all over the sky, under water, so it is no surprise when people noticed many service aircraft or boats disappear leaving no trace, especially since modern media are only visible in the latter half of the twentieth century.

Folklore often attaches to disappear with the paranormal, lapse of rules of physics or aliens. It contributes to creating the legend of the Devil’s triangle.

The history of the legend

According to legend, Christopher Columbus (who discovered the Americas) was the first to write about the strange events in the triangle, and when he saw that he and his crew, author of “strange dancing bright spots where the horizon.” Now about the research, it can simply fire cooking in the sea or on the beach of Taino origin.

The legend of the modern post began on 16/09/1950 Jones. Two years later, fate magazine, job secrets of the sea right next door to Georges sand missing, including 19 crew of five TBM Avenger “attack in the United States Navy.

Research the Kush

David Koch, Lawrence was “a Research Librarian at the University of Arizona, United States, trends in the work of deciphering the mysterious Bermuda triangle in 1975, continued when tracking missing persons. His research many ways when simply to surprise: he considered the item in the paper on time, if any, truth is not the same as in the legend. Go to important conclusions:

1) missing in the Bermuda triangle, which is greater than the rate in any of the water in the world.

2) in an area that many tropical storms, his disappearance a mystery; and at the same time is often not counted author of the myth of the storm.

3) were exaggerated numbers lost due to loose studies; it was considered as the missing vessel, but when she returned to peace after not taken off the menu.

4) some services are missing, as is said to fall in front of hundreds of witnesses in Daytona, Florida Bay, 1937; press that time didn’t find such information.

Thus assuring Kush: established legend of the Bermuda triangle. Has been raised thanks to the many authors deliberately or accidentally use the wrong concept, citing the poor and splash “.

Conclusions were supported in Kush or practices? Marine insurance company Lloyds of London at the famous Bermuda triangle Ray not more dangerous than other water should not increase premiums. Road track was still crowded with teeming with merchants and tourists on boats. No one because of the legend that missed the opportunity to do business or to enjoy the region’s famous tourist area.

Natural explanation.

Methane hydrates: an explanation and focuses on the areas of methane hydrates in the ocean. Experiments in Australia has shown that it can cause foam vessel sink because the model reduces the density of water. People assumed in editing when you hydrate in submarine volcanic eruptions of course will create more water, gas. These boats will come down very quickly without even seeing any warning signals. He has written “the white book in America in 1981, about the presence of gas in the Southeast. However, the gas is large enough to cause the ship to sink in the Bermuda triangle for thousands of years.

Deviate Compass: many authors writing about this fact without noting that the compass needle, just the poles of the Earth. Just a straight line from Wisconsin to the Gulf of Mexico in the United States, is a compass needle (because this line coincides with the Earth’s pole connections). The seas of the world knows it.

As in any place on Earth, a terrible storm is the main reason for the disappearance in the triangle.

The Gulf currents: currents comes from the Gulf of Mexico, the Florida Bay, and then flows north to the Atlantic Ocean. Is a river in the ocean, so it is easy to wash a boat or a small boat.

Big waves: can show an unusually large waves in calm water, as happened in the new territories in 1982. However, the Bermuda triangle is not the right place with this explanation, and also not true to the cause of the missing plane.

Human influence

Disadvantages: the main reason was the officials involved in his disappearance. And the Bermuda triangle is no exception.

Activity: this activity includes destructive war and piracy. In the two world wars, the number of missing in the Bermuda high than usual. Pirates in the region from the new world discovered and today is still active, but not in many other waters around the world. The legend of the Bermuda triangle again reminds us that humans are animals such as listening and easy to believe in the paranormal, phenomenon outside the contemporary understanding. There also seems to be a kind of “secession” to escape the fact that a lot of us live.

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