Can I watch the children 3d

3D-technology is relatively new, but it has already managed to catch the fancy of many. The film is in 3D-glasses looks much brighter and modern special effects – really. Many people have already got the TV to be able to enjoy three-dimensional images in the home. We hasten to please their child watching the new exciting story, we do not think about how the latest technology affect the growing organism.

Whether to allow children to watch 3D

At the moment, studies that have confirmed the safety of 3D-films or, conversely, their negative impact is not enough here’s one of them.

Recently, Martin Banks, an ophthalmologist and professor at the University of California, conducted a study that showed that 3D movies could provoke 7 diseases associated with vision. This is very serious, because the overwhelming majority of the information we receive through vision.

Modern technology is developing at a tremendous speed. Computers, mobile phones, more literally 15 years ago were a rarity. Today, these devices are a major modern world. We talk a lot on cell phone, sitting at the computer screen at work and at home. But the impact of these devices on the human body is still poorly known. And another Novick – 3D cinema. Billboards tell us that 3D fun and safe. But is it really? Especially for children …

3D The main problem is that our vision is forced to focus on both near and distant objects. That is, during the film’s eyes are in a state of tension. In principle, an adult may be able to tolerate a session and a half hours. But a child who is actively developing, are at risk. After all, according to the study, even adults feel uncomfortable symptoms after watching 3D.

Fortunately, developers hear the voice of scientists and physicians. Already underway new development in the area of 3D. The main challenge is to reduce eye strain. We believe that in a short time, these trends will be popular all over the world.

And while Martin Banks believes that children undesirable watch 3D movies to 12 years.