International reserves and foreign exchange

International reserves are an instrument of great importance for macroeconomic policy. In particular, they have a close relationship with the exchange rate policy, because the operations of purchase and sale of currencies, making the central bank can affect the conditions of the foreign exchange market. Where the central bank can become a supplier or important

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Intermediaries and financial intermediation

A financial system is composed of different brokers, being them more known and featured, banks. Others are insurance companies, surety bonding institutions, leasing, brokerage and investment fund managers. As financial intermediaries, banks are essential for the existence and functioning of any financial system. A bank is able to grant credit without that such financing is

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Transactions with securities as a form of financial intermediation service

A financial intermediary is a financial institution that connects surplus and deficit agents, Business Intermediary Services, performs business appraisals of small and middle market companies, Both public and private intermediation services help workers in the more advanced countries find good work and training.

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Example of Fixed Income Securities

The term fixed income generally refers to bonds issued – by Governments, agencies, or companies – with different maturities that often pay interest coupons, whereupon a stable source of regular income is generated. International Personal Banking offers you a vast selection of debt instruments of issuers public and private, with a variety of characteristics of

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What is leasing the car and its features

how to buy a car leasing, in State bodies if necessary, its easy to spot, advantages of leasing a car, advantages and disadvantages of leasing a car, The most accessible ways to get the car into his complete disposal has always been his buying or renting, Car leasing tariffs influenced crisis, market review and lease conditions. parameters and conditions of this financial product, Auto leasing buy aspires to quite a lot of people, because the cost will be. What is leasing and what are its features.

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