Common housing fraud in the real estate market

Fraud in the real estate market was still. Long gone are the small fraud. The increasing spread receive large real estate fraud. Even the experts in this case does not call all the possible options for real estate fraud.

Most of the scams from the real estate available legal manipulations. Most interestingly, in most cases, virtually impossible to attract such fraudsters to justice, and fraud such manipulation are since. Mistakes often create a newly established real estate company that picked for cases in which still do not understand. A separate group of companies, which are initially created in the short term. Most often, these organizations are known as “news agencies”, trading information about real estate.

Among the major scams often so-called “black brokers.” They specialize in large real estate learn the to housing and money people. Often such brokers are not acting alone and with the group. The most common scheme is housing by soldering the client. After the sale or exchange of flats, to the buyer offering the deal.

Most often the client wakes up not in her apartment, while in another room, where he presented documents yesterday that it sold or gave her flat some absolutely strangers.

Widespread fraud with advances for the apartment. For a short period of time, a real estate firm. She takes the required number of advances for apartments from their customers, and then moves down to the Office and disappeared in an unknown direction.

Softer legal fraud are considered to be those in which the deception of apartment for sale with some legal trouble. The worst case scenario might be that the fraudsters then the Court can take away yourself back this apartment. Can also be prepared the document on which the seller will not be able to open the cell Bank and withdraw the money for the sold property.

Often, the contract States that payment is held until the signing of the purchase contract. That is, the seller has the right to access the cells with the money just before the signing of the Treaty, following the signing of this right is transferred to the buyer.

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