The Conference interpreter profession

When silent sit in the cabin, great at any sports right before hundreds of eyes are focused, if not confident, not enough knowledge, not the ear who is long with craft Conference.

He said the Conference attendees often have strong knowledge in related areas, so translators cannot translate for surfing. An interpreter is not only good at foreign languages but also to research, understand some terms need related to conferences, workshops. This is “making Strawberry hundred them”, should have to work out, study regularly, if not then not exist. Just a poor translation once the next time no one used anymore.

Interpreter before the seated in a cabin in the corner meeting rooms listening support equipment, then “drop off” according to a saying of the speakers, invited guests at the seminar, how to convey, convey information to the listener in a coherent way, easy to understand. An interpreter must “Chase” repeatedly as saying. If the transfer was 80% implies the speaker’s, considered the work was successful. There are times to perspire to “Chase” by the speaker. This huge pressure profession should have to have the will and the training itself is the key.

Before embarking on the, the interpreter must prepare yourself the best health, best spirit, by the invited guests can eat natural, even be right away the foyer, while the interpreter shall not be permitted to leave the place. Currently, the remuneration for a Conference of more than 300 USD, translation not intensive 1-1.5 million.

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