Dangerous foods before bed and not conducive to weight loss

You may be wanting snacks before bed is very urgent to many of us, there is no fault in eating before bed as is common, if the appropriate protein foods or low fat, but there are certain foods you must avoid them altogether if you want to lose belly weight in General, and try not to touch them.

Ice cream
Of course ice cream in fat industry, but mostly bad fat on the body, specifically the trans fat that you avoided in any way, and research tells us that eating foods filled with sugar before bed cause nightmares.


Macaroons starchy material produces a lot of energy, and we want to get to the pace to burn fat while you sleep, this means we must commit ourselves mainly proteins, fats and carbohydrates, but very bad because they lead to the proliferation of fat and blood sugar level.

French fries
Is loaded with carbohydrates and fats, fried foods are difficult to digest or burn and need the effort of the stomach which causes some pain that may wake you at night.

Hamburgers are the foods that cause high blood sugar over cakes, also can cause some problems during sleep, because it contains elements of very hard to digest because of the fat inside, not to mention the many contain spices.

Also grain contains a high amount of sugar and carbohydrates, it always we keep away from diets that contain because they cause high blood pressure and blood sugar as well.

Dark chocolate
Dark chocolate contains a lot of caffeine, and many steroids such as theobromine which can make your heart like you are racing the enemy often keep awake all night and need time to slow the heart rate in order to sleep.

Fast food
This type of food is very heavy in fat and make you feel idle when you wake up, they take too much time during sleep and more effort in the digestion process.

Any food spiced
If you are a fan of spicy foods, you have to minimize them at night or before going to sleep, they cause indigestion, so kind of foods also cause increased body temperature during sleep, which can wake you or prevent you to sleep.

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