Dead Bolivia out of their graves to cigarette annually

In a strange and scary, the citizens of the State of Bolivia to honor their dead by bringing especial severity of graves on November 8 of each year, and decorate skulls with roses and cigarettes in them.

The Bolivian Government gives its citizens the unusual holiday on this day called the day “niatitas” any small noses, referring to the absence of the noses of the dead, and everyone carries one of the skulls of deceased relatives after decorated.

And thousands of Bolivians annually, those rituals, out of human skulls were kept, what would bring luck to them – according to their beliefs-and moving them from the cemetery to the Church and they adorn her with scarves, sunglasses, flowers and coca leaf crowns, and exhibit them in the streets, is a more exotic rituals and pagan perhaps on the dead, Mexicans celebrated on November 1.

According to popular tradition in the Andes, the skulls of merchants and families bring them health, provided that they pamper her and talk with her and brought her flowers and food, drink and even cigarettes.

This custom dates back to before Christopher Columbus, before the arrival of the Spaniards “1492”, the Indian families go out regularly the remains of the dead to life, contact with objects and families.

Although the Catholic Church banned such rituals continued indigenous performed merely remove the skulls secret.

All the skull special name and often return to a family member or a relative but may sometimes unknown.

The Church rejects this practice without explicitly denounced, the Episcopal Conference of religious leaders two years ago to refrain from organizing the masses of these skulls.

Given the crowds and the number of skulls which receive public cemetery in La Paz on November 8 of each year, the Episcopal Conference is incapable of stopping this strongly rooted rituals, which often offer which “offerings” of fluids to skulls late at night.

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