Discover the most expensive mobile number which is owned by the wealthy Saudi

It’s the most expensive figure in Saudi Arabia, which would be a symbol of pride for her, a wealthy Saudi who purchased from STC for fiction went to 300,000 SAR, it may not be a significant amount, but that such a sum is paid to purchase the mobile number, this raises a lot of questions.

In turn posted a photo: connections “the most expensive no. sale at auction, and the sale by SAR 300,000”, the unique number is “05390000000”, selling at auction for a record this transaction as the most expensive auction number.

No purchase figure is easy, even amid fierce competition in an auction set hotels, turnout was a very good auction, and details of the auction are divided to three groups, most expensive diamond, which included the auction began to number 50,000 rial, and gold opened the auction by 5, 000, and finally the silver and opened the auction by 3,000 rials.

It is known that special numbers are published in periodicals and websites of ads sold, usually written words: special number (v.i.p) any person of great importance, and sale prices sometimes up to millions, do not prevent the panting youth, especially young people, young believes that special number whether phone or car, is one of the things that gives the bearer a distinct personality, and not sell it whatever the circumstances, the number carries a moral value plus the value of the material.

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