Do bumblebee sting

Insects like any other living creature, forced to fight for his life. Often, enemies and significantly exceed their size, and strength. Perhaps that is why nature has awarded some insects sharp sting, which is located at the end of the abdomen.

It does sting bumblebee and whether it can sting

Yes – there is the sting and Bumblebee. Many stinging insects sting hollow inside. When the insect attacks, it plunges his weapon into the skin and, like a syringe, inject the poison into the body of his victim. Place an insect bite becomes inflamed and starts to hurt because of the poison. In addition, with the poison of some insects and associated risk of severe allergies. Bees, for example, left a sting in the wound, and it still continues to inject the poison after leaving the bee.

People with high sensitivity to insect bites can be particularly dangerous poison that produces bumble bee and wasp. The venom is a mixture of specific proteins to which a person reacts to allergies, up to anaphylactic shock and angioedema.

The first signs may be the appearance of a red rash all over the body, and unpleasant itching, increased heart rate, the emergence of joint pain, back pain, headache, swelling of the face, nausea, fever, vomiting, cramps, dizziness, loss of consciousness. For the appearance of an allergy rather just one insect bite.

What to do if stung by a bee

If you are stung by a bee in any case can not panic and wasting precious time. We need very quickly to remove the sting and try to squeeze out the resulting fluid from the wound. To gently remove the bag of the poison left by the insects, it is necessary to carefully “scrape” with any hard object.

A person who does not have allergies to insect stings, it is enough to take a pill every antihistamine and apply to the bite cold lotion out of the water and ammonia 1: 5.

If it is possible, after receiving antihistamine need to drink warm tea and relax a bit. It is worth noting that antihistamines can drink a few days until the swelling subsides.

Very often, doctors recommended intake of 30 grams of vodka, but the tool is only acceptable for an adult. If after a sting of a bumblebee present severe pain, in this case, will help any anti-inflammatory drugs, which include those No steroids.

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