What is dream with gold or gold

Dream a woman with gold, means to be a complete woman and everything what is proposed in the life gonna get, because it has a solution for everything. To dream that you find gold, it means loss of money. To an intellectual or spiritual level however it is positive, it means that he has found in you a hidden talent, which completely unaware. A valuable talent, which will make you famous and will be recognized with merit.

Gold Dream Meaning

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To dream that you are working the gold, it means that it has escaped it a great opportunity.

To dream that you are burying gold, it means that you are trying to hide something about you same, which does not want to let others know.

Gold Dream Interpretation

Dream dictionary – Gold – In an emotional context, gold seldom stands for material wealth.It is more the spiritual assets that we have, such as incorruptibility and … read more

If he dreams it touches or holds gold in their hands, it means that you will have good luck in your projects.

If a woman dreams that they give you gold or money or ornaments, he announces that he will marry soon with a money man, but very interested.
To dream that you lose gold, it means that because of its negligence, you will lose great opportunities in your life.

If you dream that you see a beta of gold in a mine, it means that hardly recognize him the merit of what has been achieved.

If you dream of to see how they work in a gold mine, it means that you will take advantage of the efforts of others and own his rights. It can also mean, ‘ it will be mired in domestic scandals, extramarital affairs.

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