entire history of mankind viral infection we learned to see one drop of blood

Doctors gave VirScan new technology, which allows a single drop of blood to determine all viruses with people that he encountered throughout his life. About VirScan Science magazine.

New technology is powerful and inexpensive ($ 25) for the tool to explore how human Fromm (all viruses capable of infecting his body, they do not show symptoms) interacts with the immune system. Before the invention of VirScan when analyzing the blood for doctors viruses find traces of antibodies – evidence of virus attacks. However, these methods can only see the last few cases of infection. VirScan same will determine which viruses lurking in the human body, even though he knows nothing about it.

Your viral infection history in a single drop of blood

Your viral infection history in a single drop of blood Instead of testing for one individual virus at a time, which is labor intensive, we can assay all of these at once. Antibodies in the blood find their viral targets by recognizing unique Toddler Robots Help Solve How Children Learn … read more

To increase the opportunities for these tests, the collection of data on bibetidam 206 kinds of viruses (over 1000 strains) scientists create artificial models. Then the researchers took blood samples from 600 people (inhabitants of Peru, the United States, South Africa and Thailand) – in the hands of that hit nearly 106 interactions of peptides with antibodies.

And it turns out that most people about their hiring about ten kinds of viruses, but some volunteers, this number reached 84. notes that medical help VirScan find a relationship between exposure to a specific virus and diseases that develop in the body after many years. So, scientists know that the Epstein-Barr virus increases the risk of some cancers. There was such a hypothesis relative sclerosis.

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