Fraud in the construction of housing

More recently, construction of new multi-storey houses, country cottages, private houses, which are better known among the people as the new buildings. They are the tidbit for scams. Fraud in this area have become an unwritten law. First advertised a fabulous property with pretty decent prices, and eventually built a House is not the quality and kind of what was promised. To make matters worse, during construction, the owners of future homes suddenly announce that they will have to pay more because something there they improperly counted or ignored.

This happens in two ways. In the first method the developer increases the cost of the square meter (usually price increases by 200-300 dollars per square meter). But the incident that the depositors of the change report at the last moment, when he was already going to soon move in a long-awaited apartment or House. And what to do to the person who has already paid if not the entire, nearly half the value of the House, of course, will pay more. After all, no one wants to lose such a large amount.

Go to court-is useless. Yet starting construction, developers are planning such shenanigans, in their contracts, they always add a paragraph, which gives them the ability to increase the price, but it is written so that the investor, after reading it, don’t even pay attention to it. And in fact, this is the most important item in the contract. Although you can try just in case to sue. It happens that not all developers are so crafty and contracted for such items, or they are wrong. It is in fact very strict violation.

The second way that the developer uses to receive money from clients, payment of additional tools that are not included in the Treaty. It can be money, which paid for the registration of documents, for taking out the trash or for the construction of a playground, etc.

In multi-storey buildings, there are other types of fraud. For example, if the future owner selects the lower floors of the building, for which the Treaty he already pays more, he announced that prices on the lower floors, and it became more expensive, or pay, or to select an apartment on the upper floors. He announces when he’s already started reconstruction of the apartment, put the wall as it was convenient and so on, in total, almost half of the people who always pay more to his work was lost.

To avoid such situations, do not be deceived, it is necessary to carefully check multiple times to read all items of the contract so that all was clear. You can refer to a lawyer that is this good. So you will be more confident and can always quietly in court.

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