Fraud Realtors real estate

Real estate deals are tidbit for dishonest Realtors. When buying or selling real estate, you cannot relax, completely having trusted Realtors need to control it themselves. You can consider a few to avoid the pitfalls.


There are situations in which the seller and broker are in collusion. For example, you have a desire to sell an apartment and buy a House. After applying to the Agency from the set of proposals was the perfect option. Is the preliminary agreement, which sets out the timing and the fact that if through no fault of the buyer will stall the deal will advance from the seller. For its part, promises to broker the sale of apartments for the shortest possible period of time, and you’re afraid to lose this House, have agreed on a deposit. Several weeks and buyers on the apartment yet, in Agency only “fed” with promises, recently lead buyers. Thus, an apartment to sell in time is not possible, and therefore, money to buy a House there. The deal to purchase the House breaks down due to the fault of the buyer, so the advance remains from the seller under the terms of the Treaty, i.e., by agreement with the seller, the REALTOR you have collateral. Therefore, it is desirable to conduct transactions via various agents, be sure to pay attention to the short time-frame and on the size of the deposit. Also, it is better to make an effort of the buyer or seller.

Gift Tax

In this case, before the purchase of the apartment (the price is good and in the order papers) mediator making no sales offers, and donations. This deal has a lot of advantages: making cheaper than purchasing; You can execute a grant immediately, not in a year when sales; When dividing the property donated by the apartment is indivisible. But there are cons that no one mentions. After some time, the seller may say that signed the contract is a person who does not know under pressure or blackmail. Thus, during the year after the man who sold the apartment, is fully entitled to cancel the contract. Amount that a buyer actually paid is nowhere recorded, it returns only the assessed value of real property, i.e., the buyer forfeits and shelter, and part of the monies paid.

It is therefore advisable to get a written receipt from the seller, which States that he has received a certain amount on hand for sale housing. And it is even better to specify in the contract the actual transaction amount.

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