Fraud when renting in estate market

The real estate market is one of the most hazardous of the market, both for the seller and the buyer. All transactions with the category of goods or otherwise risky. However, it is often to save, and save your savings we encounter on the scam and lose the accumulated funds more difficult. Let’s look at the most common scams found in real estate transactions. In this article we will talk about real estate and related fraud schemes.

Among the many services that offer the company specializing in real estate, one of them the information. This type of service involves the sale of rental flats. A company that provides such services, is the accumulation of base addresses of owners willing to rent an apartment for a certain period of time. The information the company has the right to sell the customer. Having received the required list with numbers and addresses the client himself is conducting search operations and negotiates with the landlord on the hiring of apartments. This type of companies work on the scheme, which is often used by fraudsters.

Selling customers a list of rooms, the scammers have no obligations, as it is often spelled out in the contract that the company only provides information services, and is not responsible for the quality of the deal. Subsequently, after the resulting list, supposedly wanting to hand over their accommodation, the client, and not finding a partner on the deal, left with nothing.

Another common scheme used by scammers to defraud ordinary tenants, it is letting someone else apartment. Situations, when one day the apartment, these hosts which have left for a business trip or vacation, stopped several times to different tenants. Speculators, having received the amount, so the dummy hostess, happy tenants shall designate the time of entry and the wetness where not disappear. No money, no apartment, no scams, only bitter residue and, of course, the experience stays with us forever.

Way to save is to rent directly from the owners of real estate without going through intermediaries. Seemingly here and there should not be any rough edges, but no, and there can be a scam and con artists, and the role of unscrupulous owners. So, having passed the House, some owners either come for the rents on a monthly basis, or are asked to pay for a few months in advance, monthly or transfer the money to your bank account.

So, for a long time, not appearing on the eve of the apartments, one day the owners may ask to visit and enjoy the open spaces of his allegedly leased housing, begin to make claims for its preservation, or better yet on the loss of a valuable things, demanding its return or repair the damage. So, because the return is usually not sooner or later, it turns out in the street and forced to again seek housing for rent.

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