Guide of tips for selling a home: the 5 most important steps

Selling a home is not an easy task. Sometimes years pass until we managed to sell it, especially now with the housing crisis. However, it is also true that many people don’t know what they have to do to sell, and it is therefore logical that end up spending more time than usual because they are not walking in the right direction. For all who have this problem, I want to give you this Tricks Guide to selling a home with the 5 most important steps to get the sale.

Guide of tips for selling a home

The first thing that you have to be clear is that this task cannot be lightly, or depends on you only. There are other factors, such as the situation of the market, the characteristics of your House… There is not always a buyer near you. Therefore, if you take too long without selling it, you don’t have why worry, but you stop to analyze the situation and see possible causes for why they not sold.

Then I’m going to give the most important steps you should take to sell your home.

1. I sell it, or an estate agent sells it?

This is the first point that you must consider. Real estate tend to sell homes for free and only charge a Commission once the House is sold, so you lose nothing by find a Realtor to sell you the property. Supposedly being your potential buyer who seeks to buy House or flat in second-hand. Now, maybe that your REALTOR is not doing well their work, or they made “flat for sale” sign in the showcase, but not called anyone.

In this case, you must put some attention on improving the potential attractiveness of the property to sell it and take a (non-reactive) active attitude to get to sell your House before. Note also that there are buyers who do not want to buy houses offered by the real estate, since they have to pay the Commission, and prefer to buy from an independent buyer. Sell your account also will increase its appeal in terms of price.

2- it gives high House on the real estate portal

Today people look at Internet homes for sale rather than go to the real estate to search. For this reason, it is very important that give high in portals so people in your city you can find easily. It is also very important that you optimize to maximize your ad, putting several photos of the House, highlighting its advantages (proximity to bus or metro stops, number of rooms, garage or parking, State of the building, etc.).

Some sites also offer the possibility to make your ad look better, paying for visibility. Scan if you want to increase the visibility to find you before and get more interested.

3- put a sign “For sale” with your phone

Another trick that will also help people who are looking for floor around the neighborhood where is your House and walk through there. If you put the poster on the balcony, make sure that it is a large poster, seen well the phone numbers and everything is clear. If the floor is too high and you think that there will not be, can put paper posters on lampposts near so people can see it, as well as in the portal.

4- reform the floor if necessary

Many people come to your House to see the floor, but they will because you don’t like them? Then the problem is not in the advertising that you are giving to your flat, but in which the product is not good. Therefore, you will have to concentrate on reforming your House.

Cleaning it from top to bottom, changing doors and painted walls, renews the bathroom and the kitchen, put the floor of park or beautiful tile, etc. If the problem is in the space, sometimes shoot down a wall to make the living room bigger may be the solution.

Of course, all sorts of things that can throw back, like old pipes, shattered windows, etc you will have to fix it potential buyers not to be angry in your home.

5. low price if it is missing

It is well-known that the housing prices have fallen much in 5 years. If not your floor you have dropped in price, it is normal that you can not sell it. Find out what other similar apartments in the area are selling and you’ll see what they have to compete. Try to be better that your competition, if you are selling any product, and thus will be able to succeed, and change of home mortgages.

these details will help you to sell your flat, always taking into account that not everything depends exclusively on it, but also of the conditions of the market. He also studied other possibilities, like trying to rent the floor with option to purchase, so that you can get some liquidity while you sell it.