A guy buys a 99 iPhone 6 “dowry for his marriage and the bride rejects

A Chinese man bought 99 phone from iPhone 6 “at a cost of more than $ 80,000, and is more than the sum of salaries for two years, and that a dowry for the lover asked her to marry him but she refused.

According to the report published by the newspaper Daily Telegraph, the young Chinese working in computer programmer, bought 99 device “iPhone 6” (80,000 dollars) a day designated by the Chinese (Singles Day), which is similar to Valentine’s day.

Young Chinese had to arrange the phone 99 on the ground in the shape of a heart to love, and then called his girlfriend there to bring a dowry requesting marriage, it rejected the request, and refused to accept the pony before it.

The report says that the amount you spent to satisfy the young Chinese girl is equivalent to the total salaries of 17 years for average employees in China, while the equivalent salary of Cheb itself continued for two years.

The young man told his girlfriend that he bought her phone “iPhone 6” with this amount of money, with the remainder of the money bought a bouquet of roses for her on the (Singles Day).

While a young man and girl in the heart of love phones “iPhone 6” new, dozens of his friends and acquaintances they circle around him, as many of them were busy photographing and documenting the moment the corrupted girl by refusing to marry the man.

And phones “iPhone” in great demand in China, and that they be very fond of their youth, especially as it has been banned previously, and it was up to the country through smuggling Hong Kong, sold in the black market.

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