Hair loss after birth

Women usually suffer from the problem of hair loss after birth of great proportions and annoying cause anxiety and discomfort. The hair for women is big and important and fundamental part, postpartum hormonal change rapidly, so the body tries to return to its natural functions in that period enters the stage hair resting phase or falling, and at this point the old hair starts to fall out to allow new capillaries to grow, and the natural rate of hair loss in that locality is from thirty to one hundred hairs a day, at some point after birth with lower estrogen levels entering precipitation stage hair Hair growth is not accompanied by a replacement temporarily and lose all scalp hair that didn’t fall during pregnancy so noticing hair loss significantly, and last almost three months notice period where hair loss is equivalent to three times the normal rate.

After birth should in most cases women’s hair is falling out and this problem although it’s annoying but it ends after a month or two, the hair in the postnatal period is normal, but you could say it’s healthy, where old hairs fall out with cumbersome cells which cause trouble for other new shows scalp allowing oxygen to the scalp. That period lasts almost six months to recommence its regular hair, but in cases of continuing erratic hormones have lengthened the period, or for other reasons may be feeding or other, you must find out why even be cured quickly.

Other reasons that lead to hair loss after pregnancy, using hair products, where all the ladies in hair care, but excessive use of these products leads to overwork the scalp and hair make heavier than the bulb, eventually leading to his downfall.

After birth it is common that mothers are exposed to various stresses, such as postpartum depression, insomnia, jet lag child care. In those cases, increases the secretion of hormone cortisol and noradrenaline are, these hormones in the natural hair growth cycle disorder and to secrete an excessive amount of fat in your scalp hair resulting in different looks. Tips to cure the problem of hair loss after birth scalp massage is one of the best ways to reduce hair loss, as this will stimulate blood circulation.

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