Height and weight women – how to calculate your ideal weight

Today, more women are interested in the calculation of normal weight. Due to this not only care about their attractiveness, which, of course, is also important for any self-respecting young lady, but also a concern to health. Indeed, overweight looks good, but it’s not the main problem associated with it. Overweight is a matter not so much beauty, so many medical. Excess body fat significantly increases the load on cardiovascular system and even damage it. Circulating in the blood as cholesterol fat droplets inside, destroying the walls of blood vessels and form deposits on them, accumulating over time. This leads to difficulty of circulation. Excess fat has a negative impact on the heart and other internal organs, weakening them and preventing normal operation. Thus, a normal weight woman is not only advantage of appearance, but also a necessary factor of health.

How to calculate ideal weight for women? There are a number of ways. The most common method of Broca. It was proposed more than a hundred years ago, but so far has not lost its relevance. Subtract from growth in cm 100-this will be your normal weight. For example, during the growth of 160 cm, optimal weight, women-60 kg. Another popular way to calculate your ideal weight or Quetelet index body mass index (BMI). It also takes into account height and weight women and is considered to be more accurate. To determine your BMI, divide your weight in kilograms to the weight in meters, built in the square. For example, during the growth of 1.6 and weighing 60 kg BMI = 60: (* 1.6 1.6) = 23.44. Determining your body mass index.

However, experts believe that for a complete diagnosis definition of normal weight is not enough. The fact of the matter is that the mass of the body is mainly made of muscle and fat masses. In order to have a more accurate picture of your weight, you need to determine the percentage of body fat. For women the norm is 18-25% of total body weight. There are many ways to determine your body fat, but the at home, you can take advantage of the easiest-picked test. To do this, put his hand on the waist, slightly bent at the elbow. Then raise your hand at 2-3 centimeters up and grab your fingers a skin fold. Release it without parting his fingers, and measure the distance between them. If it is greater than 2.5 cm, are unwanted body fat.

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