Hepatitis B and C, how to avoid the contagion

Hepatitis B and C

Hepatitis B and C, how to avoid the contagion

Hepatitis B and C are widespread, sexually transmitted diseases, so it is important to know its prevention, symptoms and treatment.

What are the hepatitis B and C?

Both hepatitis B as the C are two liver diseases that manifest themselves in principle with an inflammation of the liver, but that can have serious repercussions on our health.

How get the hepatitis B and C?

Hepatitis B and C have the following channels of contagion:
Having sex without a condom with people infected with the hepatitis B or C. However, hepatitis C has much less risk of infection by sexually transmitted to the B, more irrigation in this sense.
Accidentally pierced with a needle infected with hepatitis B or C, increased risk for health personnel.
Hepatitis B or C also is can get the baby at the time of the birth or breastfeeding.
Reusing needles for injecting, tattooing with non-sterile instruments, share the toothbrush or Shaver with an infected person, blood transfusions without filter and analyze to detect infections.
If you are traveling to places where the disease is widespread and necessary precautions are not taken.
In addition, hepatitis B is 100 times more infectious than HIV. However, for contracting hepatitis C contact, direct contact must be blood with blood.

Symptoms of hepatitis B and C

In principle, the hepatitis B and C are manifested with the following symptoms:
Muscle aches (can remember flu States) and stomach.
Tiredness, fatigue.
Loss of appetite.
Low-grade fever.
In a second stage these sexually transmitted diseases will have these other symptoms:
Eyes and Skin yellowish (jaundice)
Clear bowel movements (Acolia)
Dark urine (dark urine)
There are 0.1% of cases in which is given a hepatitis B very serious with high mortality. Performing a scan will determine which variety of the venereal disease suffers.

Prevention of Hepatitis B and C

Prevention of hepatitis B and C is evidently avoid any forms of contagion and the practice of safe sex with condom use. There is also a vaccine for hepatitis B and, however, to the C not.

Herbal medicine for hepatitis B and C

Licorice: Glycerin is the most important ingredient of licorice and its protective capacity of the liver as a Purifier of toxic substances has been shown. Even, it revitalizes the liver cells. Take three tablets daily of licorice root (avoid it people with hypertension)
Echinacea and Propolis or propolis: help fight hepatitis virus in general.
The Thistle and the Desmodens: are two plants that may also help reduce inflammation of the liver. We will avoid the Thistle if we are hypertensive.

Diet for hepatitis B and C

Avoid fatty foods. They are harmful to the liver in general and more if it is weakened by hepatitis. Of course, avoid alcohol and other toxins.
Many people feel better if they avoid cow’s milk and oranges.
Heart-healthy foods, drink 2 litres of water a day and take food supplements between meals, like pollen, Royal Jelly, algae and Brewer’s yeast.
It is advisable to follow a diet rich in protein and carbohydrates since they provide energy. We take into account that these patients tend to lose appetite and often feel very tired. It is ideal to distribute them in 5 or 6 daily rations.

Our tips

We recommend going to the doctor if you have some of these symptoms or have made risk activities or if you believe to be infected hepatitis B or C.
If you want to know more about nutrition nutritional supplements we recommend you visit our section designed for this purpose.
In the section liver disease will find more herbs and other natural remedies to improve and purify the liver.
In all cases, we recommend you consult with your doctor, therapist or other competent health professional. The information contained in this article has a merely informative function.
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