Housing for young families using mortgages

Ways to address the issue of homeownership for families
Young families who wish to buy or obtain their own accommodation there are several options for dealing with the housing issue:

Yourself to accumulate the necessary amount, depending on the region, this can be done either difficult or virtually impossible;

To make mortgages in the Bank, as well as obtaining a home loan spouses must have a steady income that you can document (edits from work), sufficient experience of the latter (current) employer desirable personal savings that can pay down-payment on mortgages the Agency for housing mortgage lending.


Participation in programmes to ensure the necessary housing families in need in the latter on certain conditions: age, lack of private housing must also be permanent place of work and funds to make a down payment. State pays quite a substantial part of the cost of housing: families of two people. Large families wishing to obtain public housing subsidy.

Mortgage documents, making loans for apartment purchase

The Agency for housing mortgage lending. This organization gives loans for housing purchase as ordinary citizens (not suitable under conditions of social programs) and federal participants of the sub programme “young family”, as well as military personnel.

distinctive feature mortgage lending that it created specially by the Russian Government to implement social housing programmes. In comparison with other banks, for example, vtb24, Alfa-Bank, there are more favorable conditions for home loan secured.

Remember that no matter where issued mortgage-mortgage agency-housing credit, Savings, or VTB-buy apartment always remains in the mortgage credit institution, i.e. it cannot sell, lease without an agreement with the lender, and in many cases generally until full repayment of housing loan.

The package of documents for a mortgage at the Agency is the standard. This includes the following documents as copies and originals: letter from the employer about the income of both spouses , copies and originals of passports, certificate of family composition. In some cases, family-the borrower must open a bank account and transfer the money needed to repay initial deposit. If the programmed current accommodation, Studio apartment, for example, provides evidence of ownership of the subject property.

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