How long does alcohol stay in your blood

Virtually every driver, not sticking with prohibition, faced with the question of how long after drinking can sit behind the wheel. The problem of the duration of preservation of alcohol in the blood may be relevant in a number of other situations.

The release of the blood from the alcohol occurs by oxidation and excretion through the liver (90% of the dose). The remaining 10% are excreted via the lungs, kidneys, the sweat glands. On the excretion of alcohol dose takes time.

How long the alcohol stays in the blood

The time of excretion of alcohol from the blood depends on the fortress and the quantity drunk, as well as the weight of your body. In the human body with more weight contains more water. Therefore, when the same dose of alcohol in the blood is higher in a person with less weight.

So, if you drank beer, whose fortress was 4%, the estimated time of excretion of alcohol out of your body would be as follows:

with a weight of 60 kg is 35 min;
70 kg-30 min;
80 kg-26 min;
90 kg-23 min;
100 kg-21 min.

The data are based on 100 g contained beer. If you drank 200 g of this drink, multiply all the time on 2, if 300 g-3, etc.

Several case with champagne and other wines, the fortress which ranges from 11%. Alcohol will be removed from your blood for 1:00 36 min. -weighing 60 kg, 1:22 -weight 70 kg; for 1:12 -If you weigh 80 kg; 1:04 -weight 90 kg; 57 min-weighing 100 kg. The data are also based on 100 g of alcohol.

If you drank 40% vodka, the time required for the excretion of alcohol from the blood, here considerably and make up: with a weight of 60 kg-5:00 48 min. min; 70 kg-4:00 58 min; 80 kg-4:00 21 minutes; 90 kg-3:00 52 min; 100 kg-3:29 These data have been calculated on the basis of use 100 g of vodka.

Being guided by the above figures, it is worth remembering that all the data concerning the duration of the conservation of blood alcohol in accordance with the weight of the person, the fortress and the number of drunk drink very approximate. Preservation of alcohol in the blood depends on factors such as the human body, especially the quality of the drink, the amount of time that has elapsed since its adoption.

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