How long does it take to charge the battery

For reliable operation the auxiliary electrical device you need complete confidence in the work of the battery. It should not be discharged at the worst possible time. And to do that you need to know how to get it to charge.

Tips and tricks: how long to charge the battery

Battery to work correctly it is very important to be able to charge. Frequent or network connectivity too long can lead to an early exit of the battery down. The easiest and best way to use the charger with automatic control. It is the most disabling battery from the network after a full charge.

Most devices are capable of doing it. However, in some cases, if the automatic charging the battery shows a complete, can be inadequate, recharging the battery slow currents. So do not leave the battery connected after full charge, if that does not require instruction. To determine when charging the battery there is a calculation formula. Battery capacity divided into charger charging current specified on the housing of the appliance. The resulting value should be multiplied by a factor greater than 1, as part of the energy when the charge goes into heat and lost.

The ratios are slightly different for different types of batteries. Any calculation of the coefficient should be not less than 1.2. When calculating the time charge nickel batteries suitable ratio of 1.4. For example, if your battery 2050 mAh charging current,  device ~ 600mA, hence the full battery charge time is approximately 5:00. Accordingly, it is necessary to adhere to this charging time. When buying a new battery it has already charged by about half by the manufacturer.

The first three times you should fully discharge the device until it has been disconnected, and then recharged not less than 12 hour For each battery is worth a read in the instructions the optimum time to his first charge. Usually completely battery after 3-4 hours, but a subsequent 8-9 hours goes charging so-called slow shock to the upper limit of the battery. It is necessary to use the full potential of the battery in the further work.

After the first three cycles of recharge battery included. And it is no longer necessary to wait until it’s completely submerges, or until fully charged. However, be aware that each battery has a life time-the number of cycles it overcharging. This value varies widely depending on the type of battery, and you can learn it from the manufacturer. Accordingly, if you will not wait a full discharge of the battery or charge it is not until the end, you reduce the operating time of the battery.

It is also worth noting that some of the materials used in the manufacture of batteries have memory effect. That is, remember the last value, to which they were charged in last time, and already on subsequent will be filled to this value. For such batteries fully charged is extremely important to the limit. By following these rules, you will be able to extend the life of your battery.

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