How many and what and where quick question and answer

General information in the form of question and answer, how many how Much, where and when and why and what.

How many ribs human body? 24 rib
How much human adult liver weighs? One and a half kg
How long is the River Nile in Egypt? 1530 km
How many normal human teeth? 32
How the atomic bomb that killed one American hit Hiroshima? Eighty thousand
How many eyes bee? Five eyes
How much space does empty quarter? A quarter of a million km2
What is the largest island in the Mediterranean Sea? Sicily
What is the second country in the world in terms of area is: Canada
What is the smallest country in the world? The Vatican
What are the world’s most productive for peanuts? India
What is the smallest area of the continents of the world? Australia
What is the first world producer of bananas? Ecuador
What is the first country in the Gulf where the oil in 1932? Bahrain
What is the largest freshwater lake in the world? Lake Victoria
What is a State consisting of a group of Islands resembling a Crescent Moon? Comoros
What is the currency of Somalia: the shilling
What is the capital of Poland? Warsaw
What is the city which is called the city of lions? Singapore
What is the language of Austria? German
What is a city that enjoys a worldwide reputation in the industry and ILO? Geneva
What is the largest city in Europe? London
What is a peninsula on a peninsula next to Islands? Qatar
What is the strongest and most stones? Diamond
What are the material superiority of sugar always listening by 300 times? The saccharin
What are the world’s highest plateau plateau? Tibet
What is the highest Lake in the world located between Peru and Bolivia? Titicaca
What is the city with the highest fountain in the world? Jeddah
What is the largest city by population in Switzerland? Zurich

What is the largest city by population in Australia? Sydney
What are the most populous countries in the world? China
What is the fastest land animal? Indian Leopard
What is the longest river in Asia? Aliangsti
What is the closest planet to the Sun? Buyer
What is the animal that if you cut one of his grow back? Sea Star
What is the measure of the speed of ships? Node
What is the name of American spacecraft that exploded after launch to seconds before all present in 1986? Challenger
What is the fastest sea creatures? Tuna
What is the gas that is used in the fire? Carbon dioxide
What is the animal that is infected with measles as a human? Monkey
What is the sea between Turkey and Greece? Aegean
What is meant by stratigraphy? Geology
What is the science of land surveying? Geodesy
What is the largest animals weighting? Squid
What is the lightest metal? Lithium

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