How many bones do you have shark

Not a shark any bones in the body. Not the teeth are bones, but not on the side of your body to the bone. Cartilage is a flexible, durable, and about half of the normal density of bone. The sharks had the rib cages, can easily be crushed under them, like many sharks, the great white shark is a predator to a peak in its environment. Sharks do not have any bone and cartilage only. Their teeth are made of hard enamel and bones, which are constantly replaced. Sharks have skeletons, but they are made of cartilage rather than bone. Fortified with calcium salts, making it thicker and stronger. How many types of sharks there, how long a shark, what is Tin gills, do sharks have bones, how sharks, it’s more flexible and lighter than bone is. This makes it more durable, light, giving them energy. This is especially useful for the sharks have to swim constantly in the system.

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