how many bones does shark have

Most people at least once in their life, maybe not consciously, asked how many teeth do sharks? All ever seen sharks have white teeth in full quantity. Itself begs the question: How can that be, if these fury even eat turtles with their hard shell.

Just the entire surface of the body of the shark consists of plates with sharp ends that are pointing towards the tail. That is why iron can only peep gloves. Shark’s teeth grow throughout its life. At the adult individual whale shark can be up to fourteen thousand teeth. Shark teeth can be from three to twenty series. In addition, her teeth are deprived of nerve endings and roots.

After losses to the teeth, they are replaced with teeth from another series and so on ad infinitum. In principle, this is the main difference from the teeth of predators teeth other mammals. Her teeth are formed also dentine and enamel have coverage. Due to the large number of teeth, the farthest are inside by helping to promote food.

Amazing location teeth shark

The main reason for this arrangement of teeth and the lack of roots and nerve endings at the shark, is the structure of the breathing system fury. For proper breathing she needs constant movement with opened mouth. If necessary, the shark can spit out sacrifice part of your teeth.

So still, how many teeth in villages? For ten years at the adult sharks may change up to twenty-four thousand teeth. Interesting fact-born by sharky on the surface of the skin have the same teeth and mouth. And the number coincides with the number of adult individuals. Because their presence is an important factor for survival in the abyss.

It is also interesting that the shark’s body has no bones, only cartilage, so after death is eaten by other fish species, and teeth decay.

The largest shark is the whale and giant-very rarely come to the shore and completely harmless to humans. And here’s the Tiger and great white sharks have many teeth in several rows. Although their number depends on the ways power and form the shape of the teeth themselves.

The location features of shark teeth

Great white sharks have triangular teeth with a wide base. She, along with Tiger has nearly three hundred sharp teeth that can be three to five ranks. The young sharks teeth are changed every three months and older-in eight months. As a result, the younger the shark, the more often it happens the change of teeth.

This number and a way to restore teeth shark inhabits the very nature of much later number of years. After all, absorbing fish with slippery scales with fat bodies, as well the turtles and other marine life, and sometimes people don’t survive no amount of teeth.

With an excellent sense of smell, as supplemented by the nervous side receptors, e-activism, individual jaw with huge amounts of muscle and many unique abilities make the shark simply Super fighting machine, running at the destruction, allowing occupy the highest rung in the hierarchy of the food chain of the sea.

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