How many bones in adultsHow many

The body of an adult, there are many secrets. Each v is an aberration in a number of paragraphs of the lumbar and cervical, each with 20 additional feature. You can also see the number of bones in children.

Some of the bones grow over time, and some do not. Disability in most cases consists of five vertebrae fused, but scientists did not agree to consider it for five or more.

Whereas it is necessary to accept that the bones in adults about 200, most likely numbers-206 and 207.

The difference in the number of bones are not innate always. By forming the skeleton may change the number of bones by reducing the number of cervical vertebrae to six due to the fact that paragraph 7 could be absorbed into the types of breast.

A number of paragraphs bra can be reduced to eleven, and down the back grows to six or reduced to four.

One of the most effective ways to treat diseases of the musculoskeletal system-manual therapy.
More information can be found in the article that this spinal manipulation. One proven way to cure diseases of joints and spine-Rod. In some cases.

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