How many bones in the human body and why crunch finger joints

How many bones in the human body?

The newborn child has a 300-350 bones, but later many of them grow with each other. In adults the total number of bones is an average of 206. Counts vary considerably depending on the method of counting, since one and the same structure can be considered either consisting of several separate bones or one bone, consisting of several parts.

Location                                    Number
Skull                                            22
Ears                                          (pair) 6
Spine                                        26
Belly                                          3
Larynx                                      1
Shoulder girdle                       4
Hands                                 (pair) 60
Iliac bone                              2
Legs                                     (pair) 58

A TOTAL of 206

Why crunch finger joints?

When a person abruptly pulls your finger, the articular space between the bones, which is usually filled with fluid, it creates a vacuum. Crunchy sound is emitted when the liquid rapidly poured back into the joint cavity.

What is a funny bone?

This is not ivory, and stretch the ulnar nerve, located on the outer side of the elbow. Push in this place can cause a tingling sensation or temporary numbness of the forearm.

What is the hardest substance in the human body?

The most solid is the tooth enamel. She is 96% is composed of mineral salts and 4% of organic substances and water.

What are milk teeth?

The so-called milk teeth (the name comes from their milky-white color) perform the same functions as the permanent teeth. They are needed for chewing, create the shape of the lower part of his face, and also play an important role in the development of speech. In addition, the milk teeth are preparing the oral cavity to the emergence of permanent teeth, asking them to the correct location. A person has 20 primary teeth, which then replaces the 32 permanent teeth.

Why are some dentists treat children molars and premolars plastic covering?

Special soft synthetic coating is applied to the first and second permanent molars (molars) child. It fills the available teeth cracks and holes which may accumulate food debris and bacteria from multiplying. Plastic hardens under the influence of light or a special substance.

What bone in the human body is not in contact with other bones?

The only bone that does not contact other bones is a gioid. It is located above the Tectum generates goal, and attach the muscles of the tongue. Gioid usually breaks when suffocation or hanging, so his name often appears in forensics.

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