How many calories are in a banana?

Recently many nutritionists recommend eating bananas when dieting. There are even types of diets based on banana. At first glance, this approach seems paradoxical, because banana contains a lot of sugar, which, as is known, contributes to the fact that people gaining weight. So what’s the secret? What is the caloric content of banana? Why bananas recommend eating nutritionists? About all that you tell this article.

A banana is a fruit herbaceous plant. It is considered the birthplace of the islands of the Malay Archipelago. In the vastness of Russia not cultivated bananas, but the nutritional value of this fruit, its pleasant taste and calorie content caused a pretty big imports from Ecuador and other exporting countries.

An interesting fact!
The average Russian consumes annually approximately 8 kg. bananas. If you compare, in Burundi the average person eats per year not less than 190 kg. bananas.

It is worth noting that the caloric content of bananas is higher than most other fruits and vegetables. Because of the high content of natural fruit sugar in them.

Calories: banana and its nutritional value

In many respects the amount of calories in a banana depends on the size of the fruit and its varieties. For example, most sweet banana varieties caloric content that has weight 180 g, can reach up to 200 calories. Allowing 2 ripe fruit can become a full breakfast for person. Due to the high content of sugar, you can recharge your positive emotions and energy in the morning.

Green banana varieties have more calories than the yellow variety. It is worth noting that the green banana varieties contain more nutrients, but also have a great list of useful properties!

With significant mental and physical loads, we recommend that you use bananas. In the diet of athletes this fruit should be. Natural sugars contained in banana, easily and quickly absorbed in the body that fills it with energy for several hours. In view of this, it is not surprising that the diet based on bananas in our time is welcomed by dieticians.

Calorie table bananas

Name                                  number of gram-calorie                 product
Banana rindless                    70-80 Gr.                                   62-78 kcal.
Banana                                  100 gr.                                        96 kcal.
Red banana                          100 grams.                                 100 kcal.
Dried banana                       100 grams.                                  346 kcal.
Fried banana                       100 grams.                                  350 kcal.
Green banana                     100 gr.                                        137 calories.

The use of these fruits is very useful in cardiovascular diseases. For example, in the head, which are hearty origins and hypertension. Bananas include a diabetic diet, because they need to dramatically increase the level of sugar in the blood. In bananas contain tryptophan (vegetable protein). When his cleavage in the body produces serotonin, still referred to as the hormone of joy and happiness. Therefore, the systematic consumption of bananas can improve mood, sleep quality and even overcome insomnia.

Banana flesh envelops the stomach wall, so the fruit will never lead to unpleasant sensations and increased acidity. This is very important in the diet. Bananas help to restore the metabolism and to combat violations of the work the STOMACH (gastrointestinal tract).

These fruits are a source of potassium, with small numbers of salts. It is known that potassium keeps liquid in the body and maintains electrolyte balance in blood cells, and this contributes to reducing the risk of stroke and heart attack. According to studies, if you regularly consume bananas, the risk of stroke is reduced by 40%! In one medium-sized banana mellow contains not less than 450 mg of potassium. In addition, this fruit is rich in iron. This means that eating bananas when treating anemia, you might achieve better results because they stimulate the production of hemoglobin.

Please note!
All the above properties have ripe fruit. Unripe bananas poorly digested and absorbed them.

Calorie content of dried and fried bananas

Dried bananas called banana figs. If you look at the table, you will find that they are much richer in energy than than their fresh counterparts. So, for 100 g of the product accounts for 346 kcal! Why is it so?

As a result, humidity drying of banana is reduced to 19% that contributes to its reduction in size and increase caloric content. Useful properties that minerals and vitamins are preserved. Keep the banana figs can be in a tin or a cardboard box for a year. When mental and physical loads dried banana quickly and easily help you fill energy costs. Specific content in 100 grams of dried banana nutrients is increased in 5 times, because there is no water in them. It is therefore not surprising that dry bananas are part of sports diets and, of course, they must be included in the diet with healthy nutrition.

Calories: bananas after frying also increased significantly, as in the case of their drying. For 100 g fried bananas account for nearly 350 kcal. This is due to the fact that evaporates the water contained in them, and even calorie increases due to the use of butter and caramel for roasting fruit.

So eating bananas in the diet helps restore strength to stay in a good mood and does not cause the stomach and intestines. Most importantly, be moderate in habits. Better to use this fruit in the morning rather than the afternoon or evening. Benefits of bananas is incredibly great, so nutrition neglect this product is not worth it.

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