how many calories in a hard boiled egg

How many calories in an egg boiled, fried or find out the answer to this question. At the same time a large part of mankind is interested in the question of what came first-the chicken or the egg, many girls are wondering about how many calories in an egg boiled. In the world there are a lot of eggs to feed mankind, but in this article we will only talk about the most common eggs-chicken.

Standard chicken egg has a small weight 40-70 g. One hundred grams of egg mass contains 160 calories. Therefore, it is not difficult to calculate how many calories is in one egg. In our today’s article we are going to talk about how many calories in boiled eggs, hard-boiled, soft-boiled and fried.

How many calories in an egg cooked

Fried eggs, you guessed it, have the highest caloric-125 calories. This fact was consecrated for the first time, u.s. scientists. But in the 100 g-as you know, this is the number of measured energy value in 100 g of cooked soft-boiled egg contains 70 calories, and if the egg cooked hard boiled, it will be a 50 CAL.

The most energetic part of the boiled egg is the yolk. Egg protein is much less calories is three times less. Of course, it’s a paradox, but in raw egg contains as many calories as boiled, but there’s absolutely no cholesterol.

When you ingest the eggs, your body receives a large amount of minerals and vitamins. Most vitamins among all is the b vitamins, but also here there are elements which might support important life processes of our body. Egg just contains the complete balance of protein and micronutrients, as well as the minimum number of calories, so boiled eggs can safely consume those who sit only one diet. Nutritionists recommend consuming no more than four eggs a week. Of course, one egg contains approximately 6-8 grams of protein, fats, from 5 to 6, but the cholesterol that is present in egg yolk, it contains up to 400 mg. Therefore, do not be so consume eggs, more than four units per day, especially fried eggs.

Everyone knows that each egg yolk and consists of protein. Chicken protein consists of 90% water and 10% protein. In chicken yolk contains only one cholesterol and fat, so nutritionists recommend for times to eat a lot of eggs. Of course, if you’re not an athlete, and you won’t have to pump up muscles, you can simply separate the whites from the yolks and eat only one protein. Perhaps someone will find enough Turkmenistan, but for best results, it is best to sacrifice the yolk. How many calories in egg white. In one protein contains approximately 17 calories. So this product will not give you rastolstet′ and would be ideal in building muscle mass. How many calories are in the yolk. One egg yolk contains 59 calories, which is almost three times higher than in the normal protein.

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