how many Daily calorie intake for women

The women ranging in age from 19 to 25 years old it is recommended to consume about 2000 calories per day. Daily rate of women aged 26 to 50 years old is 1800 calories. Women over 51 years for the maintenance of normal activities is 1600 calories a day.

A moderately active lifestyle.

Women between the ages of 19 to 25 years of age must consume 2200 calories. Daily rate of women aged 26 to 50 years old 2200 calories is women ages 51-over 1800 calories.
An active lifestyle.

The average daily intake of calories for women, leading an active lifestyle, from 19 to 30 years of 2400 calories. Women aged from 31 to 60 years recommended to consume 2200 calories. Women over the age of 61-2000 calories.

In addition, a daily rate of calories that you should necessarily get the human body depends on the relationship with its own weight is people. Those who struggle with the problem of excess weight, it is recommended to consume fewer calories. Those who, by contrast, is trying to gain weight, calorie intake should be increased.

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