How many grams of water, grains, sugar or salt

How many grams of water, salt or grit in one room teaspoonful or glass, how many calories in a tablespoon of vegetable oil How many grams of water, grains, sugar or salt to fit in a teaspoon or tablespoon as a measure the weight of the product without weighing 1 teaspoon (filled with slides/c bitter, at normal humidity) contains Gr. :

sour cream 30%, condensed milk, honey, tomato paste is/10 g
sugar, sorbìtu, xylitol, dried minced 5/7 m. salt baking soda — 7/10 g
flour, cocoa, ground coffee is 4/5 g
medicinal herb — 2/3 g (the weight of dried herbs).

1 table spoon filled with no top/s top accommodates (weighs in grams,
for the full-sized spoons with length drew 7 centimeters and width is 4 centimeters):
water, vinegar-18/-g
salt is a 25/30 Gr. flour, cocoa, coffee, 10/15 g
the minced nuts, gelatin-10/15 g. dried herbs, tea – 4/6 g
Note: as a rule, if it is one tablespoon (tea) spoon, language, most likely about a full spoon — with a slide
1 cup (to risks/to the edge, during normal air humidity indoors) contains ingredients in grams:
water-200/250 g (maximum weight of 250 grams (= 250 milliliters) is a glass full, filled to the top)

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