How much added sugar is too much?

Each individual needs a certain amount of calories a day to provide energy. You should try to fill most of your daily eating food caloric requirement that do not contain or have a content low sugar, and that provide important nutrients to your body. If you are physically very active, or if you choose healthy foods to meet most of your caloric requirements, it is likely that can (at discretion) consume some calories more. This means that it has some calories to consume things that likes.

The average American consumes approximately 22 teaspoons (355 calories) of sugar a day; more or less the same amount of sugar containing 2 12-ounce carbonated soft drink cans regular (not diet soda) over a bar of chocolate. Given the increase in rates of obesity and heart disease, the American Heart Association (AHA in English) has recently published guidelines for the intake of added sugar. The AHA recommends that no more than half of the calories you can consume more (at discretion) should come from added sugars.

For women, this means no more than six (6) tablespoons sugar added per day (about 100 calories), more or less the same amount of sugar in ½ Cup of milk ice cream or less than a 12 ounce carbonated soft drink can regulate. Man must consume not more than nine (9) teaspoons of added sugar a day (approximately 155 calories), more or less the same amount of sugar that has a 16-ounce chocolate drink or one 12 ounce of regular carbonated soft-drink can.

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