Registered Nurse Salary-how much does nurse earn

Nurses are needed in any country and with such entity does not perish. how much does nurse earn? Work should bring people pleasure, as well as a monetary reward. Medical education provides opportunities to travel and work abroad. There is a stereotype that nurses receive a small salary, but it is possible to compare earnings across countries and draw the appropriate conclusions.

So how much does nurse earn?

United States Nurse. Earn daily $20-$100. while the top ten percent in the profession earn nearly six-figures at an average $94,720 each year.
Dutch Nurse. Earn daily $90-$170.
Nurse In South Africa. Earn daily $12-$30.
Nurse Indonesia. Earn daily $12-$15.
Nurse Of Russia. Earn daily $35-$40.
Nurse In Belarus. Earn daily about $ 10
Nurse Of Germany. Earn daily about $60.
nurse earn in uk : Nurses can earn between £21,478 and £27,901 a year

The nurse is not an easy job, but finding a decent income can be. Salary will depend on the clinic, in which it will work, and the number of hours worked. Internal rules clinics significantly affect the earnings of employees, so choose those jobs where the medicine will be given due attention. Pay attention to the rules, if they are performed, the work will bring you fun and good money.