how much is a live pig

Guinea pigs is one of the most popular pet rodents, along with mice. Before making yourself the muscles, you should see how many living pig. The average life span of a Guinea pig is 8 years. How many live Guinea Pigs, depends on their owners. The life expectancy of a pig primarily affects her diet, which you need to pay special attention.

The largest standing hay to pigs, which is needed for the digestive tract and their teeth. In second place is the grassy compound, and only on the third, juicy food: vegetables and fruits. Note some feature: body pigs bad assimilates the vitamins group B and K. Absorbed vitamins only in repeated passage of food through the digestive tract, that is, when eating its own feces. Why forbid them to eat their own droppings, if notice for such behavior is normal. What’s more, If your pig disturbed digestion, dissolve a couple of litter in the water and poït′ this solution from the syringe. This procedure helps to restore microflora in the intestine.

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