How much water really need your lawn?

Well, while the type of soil, the number of hours of sunshine and the weather, all influence, a good rule of thumb is between three centimeters and a half, four per week.

The most important thing to bear in mind is how you water your lawn. And the best to grow the same healthy and strong roots is watering it enough but not too often.

Suppose you decide to sprinkle it with 4 cms. of water a week. What you can do is to divide that amount in two doses or in one, but what we should not do is spread it on two different days. If you do that, your lawn will develop superficial roots and this can bring you to future flooding problems.

If your soil is sandy, the best is to water the lawn twice a week since this type of soil water drains much easier and faster than in others, and does not give time to your thirsty grass roots to absorb it.

For the same reason, if your soil is dense and very dry, the best thing in this case is water the lawn three times a week due to these characteristics.

If you’re not all insurance about the amount of water your sprinkler sold, put some plastic containers to measure how much water is getting your lawn and then adjust the time that remain lit so that the amount is appropriate. In turn, place these containers can be used to check that the sprinklers are expending water evenly over the garden.

The best time of day to water is early in the morning. If you wait until the afternoon to make it, part of the water will evaporate and will be lost in its function of irrigation. And if you do it at night, it will take longer to dry and stagnant water may be a suitable place for the cultivation of bacteria and diseases.

A Council to make sure that your lawn will look good even when it starts to be a scorcher, is not to cut it very short and do not sweep the remains of pruning. Allow it to grow higher, it is allowing the grass can settle better into the ground. For its part, the remains of the posa serve to give the soil minerals and nutrients that support the conditions of the same and with that the growth of roots. Unlike the popular belief that dictates, this will not remains that dirty your garden come together.

With all these tips, you can watch how is watered your lawn is as important as the how much. From now on it is not so difficult to keep it green and buff if you only invest some tempo in planning how and how much will it water.

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