How much water we need every day

We are not aware of this but the human can survive much more without food than without water. That is why water is the well more precious we have on Earth and we have to take care of her and save her. The average amount of water that a person needs every day to stay healthy.

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For drinking

1 to 3 litres of water to drink, who recommends that everyone drink about 3 liters of water a day, as the water eden, but this measure is not the average consumption of water in the mouth.
To clean objects and food preparation
2-3 liters of water to prepare food and wash the tackle. This is one of the areas where more can watch to save water.

For personal hygiene

6 to 7 litres of water for personal hygiene. This is undoubtedly the consumption of water where more can save and watch.

To wash clothes

4 to 6 liters of water to wash clothes. We can make actions to spend less water per person in the tasks of cleaning the clothes.

To clean public places

1 to 2 litres of water per person to keep clean public spaces. Private and public agencies are making efforts in this line.


This adds 15-20 litres per person per day. But many people are forced to settle for much less. Other needs, such as sanitation, irrigation and give drink to the cattle, often require much more water than is needed for drinking, cooking and washing. In public, such as schools and health centres, is usually needed more water than the average used by a person in your home. Health centres, for example, need at least 40-60 liters of water a day for each person served.

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