How not to get into online scam when selling a property

What is fraud This is such a common enough way to “earn” in people who do not have such human qualities like honour, conscience and decency. Fraud is the appropriation of another property by deception. Scams can be found in almost all spheres of activity, no matter whether it is trade or just Street. As the real estate market, developing and the tricks of fraudsters.

Fun with fraud or intentionally mislead unsuspecting and illiterate people. There are several types of cheating. The first is a passive deception is deliberately silent on some important legal circumstances due to which the transactions will be reported to their opposite number. The second is an active deception, meaning that they deliberately mislead the owner of real estate or its purchaser, knowingly transmit misleading or inaccurate information, as well as forgery. Such methods when they have trust with the owners of the property, to take possession of their property.

Their victims are usually less secure and legally unprepared people. These include pensioners, disabled persons, orphans, etc.

Scammers usually live and act with forged documents, such as a passport, certificate of ownership. In such cases there is a double sale “, that is, one property sell immediately two or more buyers.

How do you warn yourself, and don’t get into a network of fraudsters to purchase property?

Here are a few rules.

First, never give in to the “good deals” such as cheap to buy more expensive to sell. We all remember the popular saying: “the only free cheese is in the mousetrap”. Most reviewed this for yourself, you do not want it repeated.

Secondly, not to fall into the hands of speculators, it is best to seek the assistance of a professional staff, namely to Realtors. Only such knowledgeable specialists will be able to provide a thorough check and securely make a transaction without giving the opportunity for fraudsters to fulfil their evil plans. And not every conman goes “on the case, which involved a legally qualified specialist.