How to avoid debt with tenants

When we rented a home or office, the risk of finding a tenant debtor is always. Luckily we have some tools to avoid these drawbacks.

Avoid problems with tenants debtors

Renting a House is a good monthly income, but not at all times it is so easy, especially if we have to deal with problem tenants.
As prevention is the best measure, today we are going to give some tips to avoid catching you with those debtors tenants that will not take you more than problems.


Ask for a bail to tenants

Ask for a deposit at the beginning of the lease is a good measure to create a mattress that covers a possible non-payment of your tenants, it is normal to ask for a monthly payment of rent as deposit. where you have bad references of them or to not give you any contract or bank guarantee.

Apply for guarantees to avoid debt

The guarantor is another figure who can avoid you problems, and is that less recommended tenants tend not to enjoy a guarantee or guarantee (which does not mean that anyone without guarantor bad tenant). Anyway, you can ask for a personal guarantee, which normally corresponds to a person of confidence of your tenant, such as family members or friends, but also the economic solvency of this guarantor, through your payroll work and/or personal assets should be measured.

As an extraordinary measure, some home call for bank guarantees. This tends to scare off tenants and is a bank guarantee costs them enough money, usually the some of the rents of a year most commissions extras by the Bank. A bank guarantee is therefore only recommended in very special cases.

Insurance against debtor-tenants

In the same way that a property against fire or theft can be, also it can be against the non-payment of delinquent tenants and even the possible breakage or damage resulting in guests. In this case, we have several insurers, including the banks themselves, which offer insurance against defaults, in Exchange for a fee.

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