How to clean intestines from toxins at home without enema

So, how to clean the intestines from toxins at home? Doctors increasingly advise their patients to cleanse your body of toxins. The researchers calculated that in a healthy person in 30 years in the body is delayed up to 10 kg of slag! And this figure is far from the most high. There are cases worse. If a person quickly gets tired, he got tired, it shows that his body is in urgent need of clean-up.

A common question from people “how to clean the intestines from toxins? or How to clean the intestines without enemas? “Has many clear, that this is important. But with the enema difficult.

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Not always described the symptoms could indicate the slagging. In any case, will not prevent a cleanup procedure. Because otherwise there is a possibility that slags body, with all the attendant consequences. And the consequences can be different-from breathing difficulties due to excessive pressure ulcers on the diaphragm and the poor performance of the genitourinary system to supplant slag internal organs!

Methods of cleansing the body of toxins. Cleansing the body should start with the stomach, intestines, liver and lungs. In the second phase of the chisca your kidneys, blood, lymph, blood vessels, and skin.

Doctors say that it is best to clear the bowel of waste in the fall. At this time of year, the bowel begins to work. It is best to conduct comprehensive culling. That is, not be confined exclusively to the intestines. It will be good to clean the liver and kidneys. The only way you can be sure that you will spend cleaning up all the bodies, which are meant to cleanse the body of toxins.

Let’s look at how to clean the intestines from toxins


Slags and toxins can be deferred to each organ, but the harm they bring all the same in the gut. The most effective way to clean the intestines from toxins is enema. It easily can be at a convenient time, and the same at home. You don’t even have to consult with your doctor. Since most toxins accumulate in the colon with enemas you can cleanse the body for all the 80%.

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Those people who want a thorough cleaning of the organism from slags, must first properly heat the body. Better results can be achieved if before cleaning of slag to take a bath. Therefore, all waste products and toxins are softened so much that very quickly out of the body.

Enemas can be divided into the water with the addition of acid, as well as those that are prepared herbal infusions.

We offer you a few recipes of cleansing enema:

Honey enema

For its preparation take 1 tbsp. honey, mix with the juice of ½ lemon. The received mix dilute 200 ml of heated water. The received structure and it is necessary to fill the enema and then enter it into the intestine within 15 minutes.

Coffee enema

First you need to put on fire 200 ml of water and bring it to the boil, then pour in 3 tablespoons water. ground coffee and boil for about 3 minutes. Another 12 minutes to boil coffee over low heat. The cooled liquid to drain and pour into enema.

There are other ways to cleanse the body

If you do not want to cleanse the body of toxins, using enemas, can take in other ways:

  • Purge (cleaning) of the colon of toxins using enemas, herbs, rice, water. Colon cleansing at home folk remedies.
  • An excellent cleaner of the body are considered normal apples. Every day for 1 month you will need to have a couple of grated apples. Remember that the first meal should be carried out not earlier than 3:0. Thus, the body will show a large amount of toxins.
  • As an alternative to cleaning of the organism from slags can be called fresh juices. They need to do from carrots with the addition of beet, cucumber salad or spinach. Carrot juice can be drunk and in its purest form. Every day up to meal to drink 1 glass of juice. Also those who want to clean the intestines from toxins, it is useful to have fruits and vegetables that contain dietary fibre.

How to clean the intestines from toxins at home without an enema

To clean the intestines at home is not difficult. It should be understood that the procedure quite responsible. If people often suffer from flatulence and constipation, it is simply a colon cleansing.

First you need to say that the body needs cleaning up to be done, at least several times a year. The clean-up, doctors recommend starting with bowel cleansing.

Many consider routine intestinal cleansing is very personal, therefore is not going to see a doctor and spend a bunch of money. It is also possible to clean the intestines and perfectly at home.

The easiest way to colon cleansing using ordinary water. In the morning before breakfast need to drink 10 cups of salted water. Of course, not all at once. Intake of salt water is distributed on the part of the 1:0. You can use special salt for bowel cleansing, purchased at a pharmacy, and a regular table salt, which is in every house. On 1 l of water 1 tsp salt must take. This cleaning procedure is 3-5 times. If water comes out of the body clean, it means that cleaning can be carried out, and it does not repeat. Otherwise, you must again repeat cleaning intestines with salted water. People suffering from diseases of the intestine and stomach, the cleaning procedure is contraindicated.

The next version of intestinal cleansing at home-using mineral water and sugar (xylitol), which is designed for diabetics. It is best to carry out this procedure in the morning. It is necessary to take half a bottle of mineral water and heat it up to 36 degrees. In half the amount of heated water to pour 1.5 tablespoons. xylitol, a good stir and drink immediately. The following 20 minutes after taking the sweet water needs to go home. In no event it is impossible to sit. After the specified time passes, drink the remaining water and then walk around the House. After another 20 minutes to consume the remaining quantity of mineral water, and wait for the final result of intestinal cleansing.

The intestines may be cleaned using beets or beet juice. You want to grate the beets, squeeze out juice and drink it before going to bed. The remaining beets be discarded-it is recommended to make the balls. You will need to have one in about 30 minutes before a meal during the day.

Flax seeds are also considered as an excellent means to cleanse the bowel at home. You just need to take 1 tsp of flaxseed and pour boiling water over them. Leave to infuse for 5:0. Ready to consume with the infusion of the seeds before going to bed.

You can clean the intestines using a special salad. It consists of cabbage, carrots, beets, and celery. All the vegetables you want to chop and mix.

You can try tincture. This method is the least painful and very fast. Just need to empty stomach take 1 tbsp. my every day during the week and the result will be forthcoming.

People who rely on traditional medicine, is the next option. You need to take a good steamed wild rose and berries. Each morning you should eat about a handful of hips.

You can clean the intestines of porridge oats and rice. The main ingredients are cereals to be taken in equal proportions. Mix cereal, fill their 2.5 cups of water and simmer until Kasha becomes viscous. Use good porridge for intestinal cleansing to morning and evening.

How to clean the intestines without enemas

The most polluted spot in the human body is the intestine. After all, there are not only useful microorganisms that help the stomach to digest food more quickly, but also harmful. And if you do not want these harmful bacteria are the cause of a disease related to the intestines, it is necessary to arrange a maintenance intestinal cleansing. Many people are used to clean the colon with enemas or special medical treatment. They do not even realize that there is a violation of a useful micro flora. We’ll show you how to clean the intestines without enemas. First of all, one should pay attention to the means of Atonement, based on the recipes of traditional medicine.

Folk doctors have advised their patients to carefully monitor the health of their intestines, clean it.

Here are some tips on cleaning the intestine without enemas:

  • Slavic peoples for cleaning both the whole body and intestines in particular enjoyed the honey water. For its preparation need to take 200 ml of warm water and add a tablespoon of natural honey. Every day you need to eat a little more than a litre of water. It is important to remember that honeyed water should be drunk before meals. If you’ll take a honeyed water for 6 days, you can be sure that not just clear the bowel of waste, but also provide your body with healthy vitamins. These vitamins will be ingested directly from honey. Honey water also would benefit people who are intellectually.
  • colon cleansing with the milk. This method is considered an ancient and very easy to use. You need to take 200 ml milk, put on the fire and bring to a boil. Next remove the milk from the heat and allow it to settle for exactly 24 hours. During this time you have to clear with the milk from that film. Once the milk, it will need to pour in 1 tbsp. vegetable oil. It is desirable that the butter was a natural. Next, the mixture is put on fire. When it boils, it will immediately have to drink. Best colon cleaning this evening.
  • a great way to clean the intestines without enemas is the daily use of a Green Apple or garlic cloves before eating. An excellent tool that helps clean the intestines, is considered to be a salad consisting of white cabbage and beets. It is recommended that you at least several times a week, eat a small portion of semolina.
  • folk healers are often offered to people as a way to clean the intestines a mixture of rice and oatmeal. Everyone can benefit from this easy, but at the same time, an effective recipe. You need to take the same amount of oat and rice grains (it is better to take the half cup of each). Next, pour the mixture of water and cook the grits until fully cooked. This porridge to eat for breakfast and dinner, a couple of days in a row. You can eat oatmeal-rice porridge for 1 week.
  • colon cleansing can be done using beet juice or plums. As you already understood, juices should be exclusively natural. They should be consumed in 1 glass before a meal. That is a day to clean the bowel is drinking from 3 to 4 glasses of juice. It is best to conduct similar colon cleansing at the weekend.

I maintain its shape. This procedure not only cleanses the intestines, but also helps those who want to lose weight.

In order for the results of weight loss were fixed for a long time, you just need to regularly clean the bowel. After all, only 20 years life in the body builds up a huge number of faecal masses, far from helping to cope with excessive weight. Colon hydrotherapy is carried out exclusively in stationary conditions. But not all people suffering from excess weight, can easily go through such a procedure. Don’t get discouraged, because you can and bowel cleanse at home. Will be quite a couple of times to conduct enemas, and your weight will start to decline. The enema should be sorbents and medicinal herbs. This cleansing enema and normalizes metabolic processes in the body, will help bring the accumulated toxins. By the time it takes you more than 1:0. Before the cleanse to prepare for: take an Enema, body oil and fluid that is needed for cleaning the bowels. It is a 1.5 l of warm water. In the water you want to add special additives, which are intended to clear the bowel of waste.

As it can be:

  • lemon. This citrus perfectly dissolves waste. That is, you need to take a little bit of lemon juice and add it to the water. Don’t overdo it with concentration, because you can burn your gut.
  • St Johns Wort. Will help not just output the slag from the intestines, but also take care to dissolve mucus which accumulates in the intestines. Dissolve in water a few crystals of potassium permanganate. Be sure to mix to all the crystals are completely dissolved.
  • soda. It cleanses the intestines, killing all the putrefactive bacteria. It turns out that not only clears intestine, but also its disinfection. The 500 g water to 1 tablespoon. soda. Dissolve baking soda in water and mix well.
  • a medicinal herbs. Prepare an infusion of Chamomile, yarrow or common celandine. To do this, 1 tbsp. any herbs pour 200 ml boiling water and leave to infuse for 20 minutes. After the specified time to strain the liquid and dilute it with 1.3 l cooled boiled water.

By such simple means you have the opportunity to clean the intestines for weight loss in a very short time.

How to clean the bowel for one day

Those who care for their health, must necessarily deal with cleaning the intestines. This procedure is very useful. Before you start cleaning the bowel in a single day, you need a diet designed for intestinal cleansing.

One week before the beginning of the diet you have to completely change your diet. That is, you need to include only products. This means that the products should not be subjected to any heat treatment. Better to use them in kind. Of course, such products include vegetables, fruit, nuts or parsley.

Be sure to eliminate from your diet of black tea and coffee. Replace them with herbal decoction and carbonated mineral water. Pay particular attention to mop up the water-she is also very useful in the diet when you clean the bowel. If you are taking any supplements, discard them at the time of the diet. In the restrictive list includes also any medications, alcohol and tobacco. Allowed to eat animal products, such as natural yogurt and fish. During the diet better and discard the spices, be it salt or black pepper.

As you already understood, bowel cleansing diet lasts 1 day. On this day you should eat only bread and tea. Diet strictly stipulated. Do not neglect useful advice. This is the only way you can effectively clean the intestines and thus improve your body.

Colon cleansing diet menu:

Before the meal to drink 1 cup of green tea without sugar.

In 8 a.m. breakfast Apple. As the drink you will have bread and tea.

Exactly one hour will turn 100 g of grape juice. It needs to be diluted with the same amount of bread tea.

In 10 need to drink 2 cups of green tea without sugar.

In 11:0 it is recommended to eat 100 g of fresh grapes. Drink it with a mixture of carrot juice and bread of tea made in the same quantities.

In the 12:0 you should eat only grapes and grape juice (for 100 g).

Through the 3:0 again with 2 cups of green tea.

In 4:0 pm again mix carrot juice with tea and bread, and drink this drink.

In 5:0 pm drink 200 ml of mineral water. The main thing is that it has been carbonated.

After an hour you need to eat 3 Bulgarian peppers.

The last time need to eat too late. In 7:0 pm take 100 g of Apple juice and grain of tea, mix them and drink.

Already before bed is recommended to drink some green tea.

How to cook bread tea:

You need to take 200 g black bread and cut it into small pieces, and then pour the liter of boiling water. The drink must stand for 12:0. Then strain the liquor, and you have bread and tea.

The main purpose of bowel cleansing diet is to not only cleanse the body of toxins, but also strengthen the immune system, improve the work of intestines.

After you spend cleaning intestines in a day, every day for the rest of the week will have to drink at least 1 cup of any fermented milk product.

Clearing the bowels, do not forget to include in your diet foods that are intended to enrich the body with vitamins, minerals, and fiber.

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