How to cure fungi on the toes

How to cure fungi on the toes

Fungi in the toes, better known as Onychomycosis affect more than half of the population. It is without doubt a shameful condition and can also generate pain, cracks and loss of the toe nails. Here we leave some tips to combat this problem.

Use sulfur powder

It is available in most pharmacies and is sold over-the-counter, which means that it does not need prescription to buy it. You can also mix this with an antifungal powder and then apply it on the affected area.

Wear open shoes

It is very important to prevent the spread and emergence of fungal foot that you wear open shoes or having some kind of breathing. Thus substantially avoided the appearance of fungi and in the case of suffering from them, will reduce the time of healing them.


Do baths with Espadol

The Espadol is very used to cure infections and eliminate the bacteria from the skin and wounds. In this case you can fill a bowl with water and pour some Espadol inside. Soak your feet for a few minutes, 2 times per day, to achieve the desired results.

These were some of the tips that you can follow to eliminate foot fungi. We hope they make them useful. Feel free to leave your comment, next up.

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