How to determine how much cat years

Often the owner of a cat cannot determine how many are actually her years. However, quite accurate scheme constituted whereby you can find out what the age of the animal.

How to determine the age of cats

If you have taken already adult animal, or do not know how many months picked up or bought kitten, determine its age can be at time of puberty, then as teeth. However, when calculating note that much depends on the conditions in which contain or contained animal.

Determine whether your kitten the process of puberty. The majority of cats it takes place approximately 7-9 months. That is why, if you have found or bought enough adult Kitty, you just have to wait a bit. Although if you have created a really good conditions, this can happen in six months. In addition, please be aware that puberty has not yet said that cat formed physically and can be reduced with the cat. It is best to wait until she is about a year and a half.

If you want to find out approximately how many cat years to human years of life, define it as follows:-1-th year of life cat is 15 years in human life;-2 years-24 years;-3 years (and up to 12 years)-add annually for 4 years;-from 12 years-3 years.

However, there are also more accurate scheme which was drawn, and on which you can clearly determine the age of the animal So:

milk teeth-it 1 month

change the milk teeth is 5-6 months,

the central incisors of the lower jaw had been erased-1.5 years

Middle incisors of the lower jaw had been erased-2.5 years

the central incisors of the upper jaw had been erased-3.5 years

Middle incisors of the upper jaw had been erased-4.5 years

to erase the footprints appeared fangs-5 years

extreme incisors of the upper jaw had been erased-6 years

change cross-oval rubbing the surface of Central and middle incisor teeth of the mandible-7 and 8 years, respectively,

change cross-oval rubbing surfaces of maxillary central incisors-9 years

loss of central incisors is 10-12 years

drop all of the incisors is 12-15 years.

Age cats and humans

Many cat owners often attempt to match the age of the pet with a human, and the most common rules that is often used is the multiplication of the number of years of cats at 7. It is believed that the age of the animal and will be converted to human measurements. However argue that this is not entirely true: age of cats and humans really can be compared with each other, but to conduct calculations need to be differently, and every year the difference and how the calculations are different.

Under this scheme, you can take that middle age cat is 8 years, after which, alas, animal begins gradual aging. However, this does not mean that your favourite live “to retirement! As a general rule, the age of cats is conditional, if the animal is in good conditions, so many pets live longer «lay» 12-15 years, pleasing their masters not only good physical shape, but also dedication, wisdom and love.

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