How to negotiate the price of buying a home

Sometimes you can feel that buying a House is a chaotic collection of rules, the economic context does not give as many opportunities to negotiate the price of buying a House as it is now. there is a large stock of empty houses in addition to many homeowners and developers companies needing to get rid of to get liquidity. They can no longer say you that ‘they removed them from your hands’, or there are people willing to mortgage to infinity and pay whatever. All this favors the buyer can negotiate a reduction in the purchase price. We give you some tips on how do it. You may also want to: The key additional expenses when buying a home.


If you are interested in buying an apartment, you’re dealing with a real estate agent or directly with the owner recalls that the price the owner puts it and that this already tends to round it so there is a small margin for negotiation. Thus, the first tip is you not cuts, today to begin a negotiation is practically one of the rules of the game. You may also want to: What are the factors you should consider when buying a property abroad.

begins by asking a substantial discount, so the first refusal of the owner you can start a sort of haggling in which you control the progressive increase in the price and the parties will have the feeling to reach an agreement beneficial to all involved.

the price of housing is established from 2 main factors: what once cost to the seller and the State of the housing market. If it is a home that was purchased before the boom of the brick, surely it was acquired by a figure much more affordable than in the years of the housing bubble, therefore your margin for negotiation will be broader. You may also want to: Verification of documents when buying a House with acreage.

Obviously the seller put a price ‘updated according to market’ but not be distressed by attempting to retrieve an astronomical figure that did not pay. Try to find out the year they bought this apartment that you want and you can get an idea of the price.

make a market study of the area where the home you want to buy. Looking at the ads of the internet and of the real estate in the area you can calculate an average price and have arguments for your negotiation if you see that you ask for much more than the average that you’ve figured out. You may also want to: Resolve to buy a home to be don.

the rush can be your allies if the owner need liquidity and has some urgency to sell. It gives you advantage because if you show a real interest, you can push the price down in Exchange for closing the operation quickly.

investigates if the apartment or the House has long unsold, and if so, assesses whether the price may be the cause. Surely it is in general, and with the current state of the market, a house in good condition with the right price has a period of sale from 6 to 8 months.

it assesses the State of housing in as much detail as possible because damages are a key element to push the price down. For example, if it is a very nice flat but is to reform, may not have the same price as a floor in the same area that is to live.

If seemingly okay but you have to renew the wiring or pipes because they are very old, you have to keep in mind that they are expensive reforms and that you can also use it as an argument to lower the price.


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