How to raise a son without a father a real manHow to

In today’s world often many family couples break up before or after the child’s birth. The Pope is coming, and the mother remains alone with the child. If the baby is a girl, then for mom not there any questions in her upbringing. But if a boy, here is more complicated. Mostly in full families raising boys engaged in dad. In the incomplete family mom relies a great responsibility to bring up a son without a father a real man.

The child should as much as possible to communicate with the men. In order that the son knew that he is a dad you’d think, give the name of the father to the child. So you need to pay in the sports section. There he finds not only friends, but also a male role model, such as the coach. You can not be afraid for her son, that he was subjected to the influence of friends on the street. Sport will give your child the strength and assertiveness, as well to the discipline.

From an early age need to teach the boy to independence. You need to give him a small Commission to the House. For example, feed the cat and wipe the dust. You don’t need to monitor at this point that the actions of the child. Otherwise it will think, that mom always it will help, and it will not become independent. The child does not need to scold, if something wrong happened. Better to praise him, thank you and tell you how to do the next time.

You need to show your child that the mother’s authority for it, but the pressure on him not to. He needs to understand that in the family mom home. You need to show your son how to forgive his father for his act and live on. Mom should give the child love, warmth and affection. And should not be with him constantly, otherwise it will grow up a spoiled boy. No need to cultivate the hatred of the father if the mother is still not the end itself baby father forgiven all wrongs.

To educate a man, you need early childhood he found in the subconscious mind, that he is strong and courageous boy. It is necessary to his praise, even if something fails. Provide him with strength and confidence for their faith in him. And to which the Pope is not prevented family Idyll, you need to think about how to write a father from this family. Unless, of course, be sure that her son anything worthwhile not to make of short meetings with my dad.

Mom will need to show your child that the woman is a fragile, gentle and caring creature by nature. This will allow the boy to establish a sense of responsibility and feel the role of the husband in the family. It is necessary to establish contact between son and father and teach him how to communicate with his father. In any case, the mother should not replace him father, and constantly remind your child how she is hard and difficult. This will lead to a psychological disorder in the child and will form his guilt for the mother’s problem.

Raise a child is very difficult, even if the family is complete. And the education of the boy one mom is doubly difficult. It is not necessary to perceive this as a heavy burden, which the mother carries throughout life. Education should bring joy, and son will be happy and grow a real man. In the future it will take care of your mom and bring her joy and just a sense of pride for him.

How to raise a son without a father a real man

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